Zogby - We're Partners First. Lenders Second.

High LTV

We fund loans up to 80-90% LTV. We look at the value of your property, and your overall business plan when deciding whether to fund you.


We realize deals can disappear if you don’t have fast funding. We promise to treat you like a partner, and work fast to help you get funding.

No $ Limit

We’re a growth focused private money lender. That means we work fast to fund your deal, and there’s no limits on what we can do for you.

Growth Driven. Risk Takers.

Our team is very much like our potential clients: we’re risk takers, and we work with those who take risks. We’re aggressive about growing, and enjoy speaking to entrepreneurs who want to seize an opportunity – but need funding and financial assistance to do it.

Our Mission Is Helping You Succeed

We’re proud to have provided millions in loans to entrepreneurs and real estate investors. We fund loans that other’s don’t touch. As banks continue to make it harder for real estate investors to source funds quickly – we are here to fill that void. Our goal is to eliminate the difficulties faced by real estate investors and entrepreneurs – when encountering traditional lenders. With us, bad credit – no credit – or a questionable track record, isn’t an issue.

Partners First

Everything we do is driven by our desire to be your partner. We believe in providing opportunity to each and every entrepreneur who comes to us. Regardless of what your request is, we’ll do our best to help. We understand how sometimes – you need that one chance, to make it big. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it a reality – or point you in the direction of someone who can. It’s that simple.

United by our desire to help you succeed. Our team is fast, and works diligently to help you as quickly as possible.

Success is in our DNA. Every single team member has years of experience as an entrepreneur, and business owner.

Attentive to every single detail – we look at you, and the quality of your deal. We don’t get fixated on nonsense.

Are you ready?

Regardless of whether you’re not ready, still exploring your options, or ready to get started – we can help. If you’re ready – so are we. You have our undivided attention.