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We have one simple goal: helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors get quick, and efficient, financing for their business needs. Our hard money loans are tailored to each and every project. We fund anything – as long as it’s backed by a tangible asset. We look forward to becoming your partner for your new investments. We are the nationwide leading hard money lender.


What is a hard money loan

Real estate investors looking to purchase an investment property sometimes realize they need outside financing. When this happens – they absolutely need to find funds in order to complete the purchase of their property. Not every investor can pay the full amount of cash for their investments – and they need a creative way to get financing for their deal. One of the ways you can get that funding is through a hard money loan from Zogby. These are loans that are defined as financing based on assets – in which a borrower gets funds which are being secured by a tangible asset,  such as land/property.

How are they different from traditional bank financing

These are different because they allow the borrower to fund deals faster than a traditional bank. Investors can receive funds in 7-10 days. It allows an entrepreneur to be nimble and fund his project ASAP. The ability to have funds quickly puts a real estate investor at an advantage over their competition. Having a hard money loan allows you to buy more properties, do more deals, and earn higher profits.

Hard money loans last up to 1 year, and monthly interest payments are made on the loan until it’s paid off. Hard money loans are used to lend on non-owner occupied properties. Most hard money lenders will lend on the ARV – the after repair value, of the property. This is a very important metric, and is a determining factor when a lender look at the quality of the property, and whether or not to invest.

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If you decide to get a hard money loan as a means of financing, here’s what you have to do. Hard money loans are acquired by working with a hard money lender who has capital, and is ready to provide it as financing for the property. Once you have a property that you want to purchase – you have to apply for a loan, and go through our underwriting process. Our process takes 24-48 hours, and depends on how quickly you provide us with the documentation. After you are pre-approved, and have met our underwriting guidelines, the next step is for the property to be appraised. If the property meets the guidelines, then the borrower can be move to closing. Once all the required documents and insurance is approved by the hard money lender, then loan is ready to close. When the loan closes, the borrower is given the money needed for the purchase and rehab of the property. This is when the term of the loan begins.Hard money loans can be used for a variety of projects, below are some options where a hard money loan can be used to finance your real estate investment:

  • Fix-and-Flip
  • Construction
  • New Construction
  • Cash-out
  • Transactional Funding
  • Long-term rental
  • Multifamily

The hard money lender provides financing for your project. They provide financing for the purchase and rehab, of investment properties. If your an investor looking for capital, you want to speak to a hard money lender. When you are looking for a hard money lender, you should look for a lender with a set fee. Most lenders will not use your credit score to determine the rate of your project. Most will look at the property, and the risk of the project to assess the fee. Real estate investors should also be wary of hidden costs and junk fees. These are fees which range from application, doc prep, and even processing fees. Another factor to look at is whether or not the hard money lender provides financing for the purchase and rehab of the property, or just financing for the purchase of the property. You want someone who offers straightforward rates and terms.