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The new standard in high risk processing

High risk merchant accounts simplified, and made transparent

Your business has needs. You need simpler high risk merchant processing. We can help you. We will provide you with a transparent, low risk, high risk merchant processing account. We’ll work with you at every step – even after your approved – in order to hel pyou solve your business challenges.

How it works

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How the process usually works

High Risk Merchant Accounts
Credit Card Processing

You Try

You'll attempt to get a merchant account with a traditional provider, and get rejected.

You Get Rejected

You Get Rejected

Your business is deemed high risk, and now you have to find a new partner to help you.

You Find Us

You Find Us

Zogby reviews your business, and approves you for a high risk merchant account.

You Grow

You get approved, and never think about your high risk credit card processing again.