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Riesling Wines

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Riesling Wines

Let's chat about Riesling Wines

Riesling wines are amazing. They smell like a bouquet of flowers. These wines have a strong floral aroma, due to the grape in them. Riesling wines are definitely one of the most fragrant wines in the world. You'll smell things like apricot, apple, pear, and more - before you even take your first sip!

Riesling, is a perfect starting point for your discovery of white wines. Thanks to their aromatic, and complex, taste - many people never fall out of love with this grape. 


This grape is from Germany. The grape has a flowery, aroma, perfumed, type of constitution. It's amazing. These notes and smells can be detected before you even drink it. Aging usually doesn't help white wines - but Riesling is the exception. Due to it's high acidity levels, aging a Riesling white win can help improve its taste. 


This is a big question. Many people try to classify grapes as either sweet or dry. With Riesling grapes, it's both. Depending on where the grape/riesling wine is from, you can get a sweet or dry version of the Riesling wine. For example, California and Germany have sweeter Rieslings. If you want though, you can get dry options too from places like France, Austria, Washington State, etc. 


Riesling does a really good job at turning down the temperature on spicy food! Many people love eating spicy food with semi-sweet Riesling wines. The sweetness in Riesling wines pairs well with salty, spicy, foods. 


It's a good idea to chill your Riesling wine before drinking it. Sweeter Riesling wines should be served very chilled. Drier, aged, Riesling wines should be delivered closer to 50 degrees. Typically, this means refrigerating your wine between 10-20 minutes.