A true original with nearly two decades in the wine industry, award-winning winemaker Hal Landvoigt travels to wine regions around the world at least twice annually, sourcing the most compelling grape varieties, delving into nontraditional formats and cultivating a unique, unpretentious winemaking style. After working alongside Charles Smith from the beginning to develop House Wine, Hal has single handedly driven the spirit of House Wine since 2009 as its lead winemaker. This luscious House Wines Cabernet Sauvignon leads with deep, rich aromas of blackberry and ripe plums. Flavors of raspberry and strawberry notes marry with subtle pepper notes on the mid-palate. Finishes smoothly with supportive tannins and a hint of oak. This is an intense, bold and full-bodied wine. Beef dishes, red sauce dishes, lamb or pepperoni pizza.


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