Cultivated in Veeder Hills Vineyard, an estate property, the traditional red fruit aromas and flavors of the dominant cabernet sauvignon are led by bright cherry and wild mountain raspberry. The addition of malbec offers blueberry, joined by notes of vanilla, cassis, creamy chocolate caramel and oak spice notes. To accommodate the steep mountain slopes at our signature Veeder Hills Vineyard, the vines are planted on ridges. This vineyard layout forces the vines to struggle in the sedimentary clay and shale soils. The result is Mount Veeder鈥檚 hallmark small berries, each containing intense fruit flavors. True to its appellation, this wine has dark concentrated fruit flavors and robust tannins. The layers of flavor in Hess Collection Cabernet Sauvignon goes nicely with complex foods, such as braised or grilled lamb, pork or duck; spring or sweet onions; earthy flavors such as mushrooms, eggplant and fennel; harder cheeses with salt crystals such as Bravo Farms Silver Mountain or Beecher鈥檚 Flagship Reserve.


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