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Agave tequilana, also known as agave plant, is an important product of Jalisco. It’s the base ingredient of tequila. The plant produces a lot of agavins, which are one of the core characteristics that make it suitable as an alcohol beverage. The tequila agave is native to the states of Jalisco, Colima, Nayarit, and Aguascalientes in Mexico. The plant favors altitudes of more 5000 feet. It grows in rich and sandy soils.

Blue agave plants grow sprout a stalk, when 5 years old, which can grow an additional 16 feet. They are topped with yellow flowers. Tequila is made by removing the heart of the plant in its 7th to 14th year. Harvested hearts usually weigh 80-200 pounds. The heart is stripped of its leaves and heated to convert the inulin to sugars in it. The roasted core is pressed, or crushed, in order to release the liquid called aguamiel, which is fermented and distilled into alcohol.

Patron silver Tequila is a crystal clear tequila, which is light, and has a freshness to its taste. It’s very smooth, and it has a slight oaky flavor. It’s very easy on the palate, and a pleasure to drink.

History and Origins of Patron Silver tequila

This is a high quality tequila brand. It’s made by the Patron Spirits Company in Mexico. Like all other tequilas, it’s made from the “Maguey,” of the blue agave. The drink was first made by John Paul Dejoria, and Martin Crowley, in 1989, at Jalisco, Mexico. It’s considered one of the top selling tequila‘s of the world, and the first premium tequila.

This tequila is incredibly successful, and has grown to become one of the most valuable liquor brands in the world. The idea to start this liquor brand started when Martin Crowley brought a hand-blown bottle of tequila as a gift to John Paul. Martin proposed the idea, and they went on to create a remarkable brand. The first manufactured 12000 bottles, and sold each one for $37 per bottle.

Each Patron Silver tequila bottle is hand-labeled, and undergoes a strict implementation inspection, before leaving the distillery. More than 30 people touch and inspect the bottle before the bottles are delivered to their respective destinations.

Patron uses the traditional stone wheel, known as the Tahona, to crush the agave.

There are many different types of Patron.

How is Patron Silver Tequila blended

This is a blend of two very different triple distilled tequillas. One is made using a traditional tahona, and fermented with agave, while the other is made using a modern roller shredder. The blend is then put into a hand-blown individually numbered bottle.

This is one of the hottest spirits, and can be found in virtually every single bar and liquor store. There are many tequilas that outrank it, but this is a perfect intro Tequila. It’s one of those tequilas that anyone can turn to. It’s fully flavored, without overwhelming you. It’s great smooth, and in addition, it’s a great cocktail mixer. It’s also one of the better tequilas to use for tequila shots.

How is Patron Silver Tequila Made

All of the tequilas are distilled from 100% weber blue agave in Jalisco. The agave pinas are harvested around 8 years of growth, and are then sent to the nearby Patron distillery to being the process of making tequila.

How is Patron Silver Tequila different?

They use a tahona wheel. This is a triadtional method of crushing the agave. They also use the modern roller methods. It’s the job of the Patron master distiller to combine the two in order to make the Patron recipe.

This method adds the flavor you love in Patron. Many say the old fashioned way of extrating the juice adds depth to the Tequila. Patron Silver Tequila is the base for Patron products and is unaged. Patron also makes the reposado, and anejo tequila.

The Patron Brand Includes:

Roca Patron Line: Silver, Reposado, and Anejo (which use the tahona process exclusively)

Luxury Grade Gran Patron: Includes Platinum, Piedra, and Burdeos

Sweet Liquers: XO Cafe, Dark Cocoa, Incendio

Citrus Liquers: Patron Citronge in Lime, Mango, and Orange

Their Unique Bottle

Patron Silver Tequila is known for its unique bottles. They have a beehiv like shape, which is hand-molded from recycle glass. They also use a hand cut cork, from Portugal, which is great.


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