Astica was born in Argentina鈥檚 up and coming Cuyo region, which encompasses the provinces of San Juan, San Luis and Mendoza. Up and coming, because Argentina is the world鈥檚 fifth-largest wine producer. Much of Argentina鈥檚 wine production is focused in Cuyo鈥檚 Mendoza province. Sharing a border with Chile, the Cuyo appellation is situated along the eastern side of the Andes mountain chain. Astica is an indigenous word meaning 鈥榝lower鈥 in Argentina. The wines are made from hand picked grapes grown in the Cuyo Region and vinified in a fresh, fruit-forward style. Astica Cabernet Sauvignon is crafted to retain the natural freshness and ripeness of the grapes. Vinification is allowed to happen at cool temperatures in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.


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