This specialty vodka is created with NTX Technology. It is a new kind of spirit. It has a function beyond its normal use, which results from the addition of new and useful ingredients. The brand is pioneering the next generation of alcoholic beverages, a whole new category where science meets spirits.

This vodka is developed using a proprietary blend of FDA approved ingredients called NTX. Spirits infused with NTX are made smarter without sacrificing the consumer experience. It is what you want to drink when you drink vodka. Real innovation has come to the spirits world for the first time in our lifetime. The brand is indeed a breakthrough that brings a new meaning to the term 鈥渞esponsible drinking鈥.

The taste is sweeter than your average vodka. So be prepared for that difference when you take your first drink. Bellion鈥檚 expert cocktail makers suggest pairing the mild licorice sweetness of the vodka with citrus or cucumber for a refreshing concoction.

This is made from 100% corn. It is gluten free and six times distilled. According to Food & Beverage Magazine, NTX Technology is the patented blend of FDA approved ingredients. When infused into alcoholic beverages, it renders them liver and DNA friendly, without affecting the experience.

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