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There are three types of vodka. Unlike a whiskey, or bourbon, the types of Vodka are much more limited, and aren't separated by # of years in barrel, or region it was produced. Vodka can be separated by flavor, plain vodka, and fruit/herbal vodkas. Vodka is very simple, and this simplicity makes it very popular - especially when it's used in cocktails. The simplicity of this, is what stops it from becoming more complex.

Rum, whiskey, tequila, wine, can have various levels of complexity, in contrast to Vodka.

Plain Vodka

This consists of 95% alcohol. Vodka is the simplest and easiest spirit to make. It has only two parts, water and ethanol - 4o to 60% respectively. Technically, it has no taste - so enjoying the taste, or saying you can taste it - simply means you're enjoying the taste of ethanol. Plain vodka has an immediate kick, and because it has no taste - is a great spirit for cocktails. There's literally no shortage of vodka based drinks.

Someone who enjoys the taste of plain vodka probably loves the smoothness and cleanliness of a distilled spirit. Hih quality vodka's don't require chasers, because of the high level of quality in the distillation of the spirit.

Fruit / Herbal Vodka

This type of Vodka relies on聽 a more complicated infusion process. It requires a longer production window. This Vodka has a more flavorful spirit, and has colors + aromas. The infusion process can take several weeks. It's then filtered, and finalized through aging. The infusion process can actually be done at home. Infused herbs, and fruits, transform Vodka just like they transform Gin.

Flavored Vodkas

This is not a new thing, and there's an increase in the popularity of these Vodkas. Flavored vodkas have become in-demand because of their versatility.