Layer Cake鈥檚 vineyard in Alexander Valley is a classic example of the appellation; aromas and flavors of chocolate-covered cherries are typical to the area. Their vineyard has a section that is part of an ancient volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helena. The lava flow laid down multiple layers of ash and rock, giving the wine beautiful mineral characteristics. In Paso Robles, their vineyard is on deep, sandy loam soils sprawling over rolling hills. The deep roots combined with long, warm days give the wine rich, dense black fruit aromas and mouth-filling flavors. Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon truly expresses the depth and complexity of the grape. Perfumed with violets and wild berries, it shows strong varietal characters and rich, ripe plum fruit. Seamless and elegant, this wine shows big black fruit on the palette, fine grain soft tannins and a long coffee chocolate finish.


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