A Paso Robles institution, Justin Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold, full bodied and complex glass of wine with a melange of fruits of the forest. Justin unfolds beautifully on the palate with cocoa and tobacco leaf nuances and spicy flavors gleaned from generous oak aging. This wine is ready to drink Central Coast classic has been a mainstay from the Paso Robles appellation for nearly 40 years. Justin Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon comes from limestone soil, which provides the perfect environment for great Cabernet in wine regions worldwide. That soil, coupled with the hot summer days and cool nights all contribute to a microclimate that makes for a well structured, reliable red wine.

The Justin Cabernet Sauvignon red wine has a dark puple, red, core. It’s slightly lighter in color near the rim, where the light hits the glass. It’s got an aromatic profile, with bright ripe black cherry, fruit, spice, leaves, floral notes, and a caramel barrel sweetness. It’s got a dry, moderate bodied profile. The mid-palate of the wine is fresh, with ripe fruit, oak notes, and soft tannins. The finish of the Justin Cabernet is long, with notes of cherry, and fruit, with the classic Cabernet taste.


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