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Cognac is a type of brandy which is named after Cognac, France. Its made in the wine-growing regions of Charente, and Charente-Maritime. Brandy has to be twice distilled in copper pot stills, and aged for at a minimum of two years in French oak barrels from Limousin, or Troncais. Cognac matures just like whiskey, and wine, in barrels. Most cognacs spend a longer time “on the wood,” than the legal requirement requires.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want a glass of these on a nice and relaxing late afternoon? Hennessy is perfect for everything! especially for parties, and is widely known as a very rich recipe for cocktails, literally something for every taste. Originally owned by Mo毛t Hennessy, the company itself currently is one of the largest and most famous cognac producers, selling more than 30 million bottles a year worldwide. Bold, but not overpowering as many have said, aside from its strong fragrances and raisin aromas on the nose it is very warm on the palate with notes of vanilla, and a minimal taste of grape. It is iconic and everybody loves it! Our liquor sells this at a reasonable price and fast delivery time frames.

About Hennessy Cognac

First distilled in the 19th century, it’s one of the most popular cognacs in the world. This comes from Hennessy’s young eau de vie, which is a brandy.

  • Aged in oak barrles
  • Flavors like apple, grape, french oak
  • Great drink for everyday life
  • You can drink it neat, or on the rocks
  • Adding some water helps bring out flavor

Hennesy Is Famous

Major artists have gotten behind Hennessy, and have pushed it to a totally new level of popularity.

Hennessy Cognac

Many people think it’s a modern brand, but it’s a fairly old brand with immense pedigree. It’s enjoy a lot of success and influence. To say “Henny” is a culture, would be an understatement!

Things you probably didn’t know about Hennessy

The Master blender behind Henny is an eigth-generation blender! He’s got experience to say the least.

Hennessy invented the XO cognac market in 1870. It’s characterized the decanter numerous times. Hennessy has since gone on to invent the XXO Cognac, which is in touch with modern tastes.

Hennessy, and Cognac, appear in a lot of different rap songs. Major stars like Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, have been known to rap about Hennessy, or include it in major music videos.

In 2009, a limited edition Hennessy VS was launched in honr of President OBama. The bottle had golt lettering on a black background. It had the slogan, In Honour of the 44th President.

With the launch of Hennessy Black, in 2010, Hennessy targeted the nightlife scene, and actually commissioned DJ’s to make master tracks!

Hennessy is definitely the largest cognac in the world. Made by Irish immigrant in 1865, it literally commands 40% of the world’s cognac market – this is huge and awesome. Hennessy has a full range of products from its VS to it’s Paradise brand. It’s now owned by Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

VS Cognacs, which are aged at least 2 years in french oak barrels, take up almost 50% of all cognac sales. Hennessy VS is the clear leader in this category. Hennessy VS isn’t the leader because of low prices, but due to quality, and name recognition. Hennessy VS is definitely priced at the higher end of the VS range. It costs more than many VSOP offerings.


Hennessy VS is the highest priced of the main cognac houses. It’s priced at 20% higher than other competing brands.


It’s 40% – which is 80 proof.


This is packed in a bell shaped bottle. It’s an amber, reddish gold color. It smells like oak, nuts. When you taste it, it tastes like grape juice, almonds, and vanilla.


This is most well known cognac. It has the more well known attributes of cognac, but it lacks the complexity some other cognacs have. Hennessy VS is fine for casual drinkers. Most bars have Hennessy VS, even if they don’t have other cognacs.

Cognac is something that people think only old men like. People think old men who smoke cigars and talk politics are the only people who can enjoy Cognac. Cognac, like Hennessy, gets an elitist jerk reputation. The house of Hennessy was founded in 1765, and today is the largest producer of cognac. Many people have a really “iffy” opinion about Cognac, but when you sip it and enjoy it, you’ll be blown away by its complex character and flavor. Hennessy is the marriage of wine and barrel flavors of bourbon. It’s one of those amazing moments when you realize, Cognac is more than just a stuffy drink – it’s delicious.

Hennessy Black: This is $40 on average, and it’s Hennessy’s answer to vodka and tequila. It’s lighter cognac, and more approachable for people who like white spirits. The Hennessy Black is a blend of 30-40 different ea de vie, which have been aged in French Oak barrels that were previously used for cognac for 5+ years. This short time in the barrel has a lighter color, and faint oak smell notes. When you’re drinking it, you’ll see a hint of the white Ugni Blanc grapes that make the eau de vie, and this comes through in the taste. This Henny is definitely a grape based spirit, that also has white wine notes and some oak. The overall taste of this drink is soft, and it has no real heat. The Hennessy Black has a VERY CLEAN finish, and it’s really enjoyed with cola, sugar, lemon, or even ginger ale.

Hennessy VS – This goes for approximately $30, and is the entry level product in the classic line of Cognac.

Hennessy Cocktails

Hennessy is a fantastic cocktail that is great for mixed cocktails. People who love Hennessy often tame the boldness of this liquor by mixing it, and the result is a very pleasant drink. Some people who want to upgrade their life, and enjoy a better cocktail, sometimes upgrade to Hennessy V.S.O.P, which results in a superior tasting cocktail. Classic Hennessy cognac cocktails are great starting points for the V.S. Specifically. You can try the Hennessy cognac in the brandy sidecar, Champagne bowler, or other cocktails. These recipes are very simple and allow you to taste the Cognac鈥檚 wood taste profile.

Hennessy V.S isn鈥檛 the best for classic cocktails. It works very well, even with modern cocktails.

  • It goes really well with orange, in the jack o lantern cocktail. The garnish makes it a fantastic halloween cocktail. It has sparkling brandy, and orange juice, so it鈥檚 a yummy drink year round.
  • During the hot days of summer, you can try any Henny cognac in ginger tea. You can even add fresh mint and ginger to the mix.
  • Winter is a great time to enjoy Hennessy. For example, Hennessy hot cocoa is a great mix. The recipe can also be improved with spice, via syrup, and vanilla extract. If you add heavy cream topping, and grated nutmeg, and chocolate, it can create a fantastic drink.
  • For parties, you can add apricot sunray, which features a flavor of apricots and blood oranges. This is a great Champagne punch, with a cognac base, which is sure to be a fantastic hit for all your guests and family members!







Caramel, Nut, Vanilla

Made From

White Wine


Balanced, Fruit, Intense, Nutty, Oak, Smooth


750 ml, 1L bottle



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