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Learn about Paso Robles, California

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, or new to the “wine game,” Paso Robles is amazing. It’s a wine country that welcomes everyone. It’s located in northern San Luis Obispo County along California’s Central Coast. It’s a small town with a rich history. In the last few decades the region has shifted from agriculture to making world-class wines.

Some would say Paso Robles is just as good as Napa Valley, if not better. This region is equidistant between LA and San Francisco, near the Hearst Castle. Napa Valley is 48 miles north of SF, and about 5 hours north of Paso Robles. At it’s closest, Paso Robles is 6 miles from the coast. This means winds from the Pacific Ocean have a huge impact on the local area, which results in a big temperature shift from day to night. It means warm days, and cool nights. When you combine this with 700-2000 foot elevation changes, 30 distinct types of soil – there’s a number of diverse mesoclimates present.

Austin Hope Cabernet

This is a DEEP RUBY colored red wine. It’s got an aroma of fresh black currants and cherries, which is accompanied by smoky notes, and dried spices. This is a great wine, with juicy blackberry, cherry, vanilla bean, and brown butter. This wine hails from the Paso Robles region of CA.

About Paso Robles

Paso Robles is one of California’s greatest areas. Its name literally means, Passageway of Oaks. It’s got many majestic trees. Among the hills are vineyards where soil is great for Cabernet. There are dry and warm conditions, yet during the evening theres a breeze from the Pacific Ocean, which allows the fruit to ripen.

2018 Vintage

The 2018 vintage was a great growing season. There was almost normal rainfall, and mild conditions, through spring. July had a short period of warm weather, which slowed the vine growth and the size of the berry. There was moderate weather for the rest of the growing season which enabled the vines to grow. Leading up to harvest time, the vines slowed berry maturity which resulted in “ideal hang time,” which made it so there were predictable yields.

Austin Hope Cabernet

After the grapes were harvested, select vineyard lots were fermented in stainless-steel tanks for 10-15 days.

The Hope Family, makers of the Austin Hope Cabernet, have been farming in Paso Robles for over 30 years. When they arrived in this barely-known region, they planted apples and grapes.




Vanilla, Oak, Chocolate, Blackberry, Plum, Leather, Smoke, Earthy

Food That Pairs Well

Beef, Lamb, Game, Poultry


Bold, Earthy, Fruity




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