The Selfie Photo Booth: A Great Investment

Revolutionize Your Events with Selfie Station – A New Jersey-based Business Investment

For decades, people of all ages have flocked to traditional photo booths to get their pictures taken and printed out in one smooth transaction. But in today’s “selfie” environment, the quaint photo booths of the past are often supplanted by low-quality cellphone pictures that are awkwardly shot. Luckily, the Selfie Station has arrived to revolutionize the photo industry.

Gone are the days of confined photo booths with grainy photo strips; a Selfie Station is an open-air digital photo booth that is perfect for special events of all kinds. The Selfie Station uses state-of-the-art technology and easy-to-use controls that make it a highlight of any occasion.

What It Does

The Selfie Station offers versatile and advanced features that will delight your guests and capture their memories in exceptional quality.

Camera Quality: With a DSLR Canon Camera for still photographs and a high-definition web camera for video, users can take high-quality photos that are much clearer than a fuzzy cellphone selfie.

Social Media Integration: The Selfie Station offers convenience with its 32″ touchscreen that allows customers to post their pictures on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Additionally, the Selfie Station can send texts and e-mails immediately to the users’ accounts. Photos are saved to a USB drive and uploaded to an online gallery viewable by guests from the event, making it easy to print out and share photos even after the event is over. Plus, the Selfie Station easily connects to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet Port with no complex setup required.

Customization Options: Selfie Station allows the exterior to be customizable, enabling owners to add their own brand logo to the outside. Consequentially, Photo filters, customized frames for pictures, and optional use of a green screen for the background enhances opportunities for customization of images further, allowing owners to adapt and satisfy customers’ preferences.

Prop Packages: Encourage guests to indulge in their silly side with the optional prop package that includes top hats, tiaras, boas, and much more. This feature adds excitement and creativity for fun-filled photo sessions.

Print-Outs: The Selfie Station prints out high-quality 4×6 photos at a rapid pace with its dye-sub printer. This provides guests with an instant tangible memory of the event.


Selfie Station is perfect for showcasing and capturing memories at any type of event. Its versatility and opportunities make you realize you can offer your services wherever a special occasion is occurring.

Weddings: Weddings are known as picture-taking events, and the Selfie Station amplifies this so much more memorable. With the built-in web camera, friends and family can record a heartwarming video toast to the newly married couple while bedazzling themselves with perfect photographs commemorating the special occasion.

Birthdays: Birthdays represent life milestones, and Selfie Station set-up allows friends and families to get pictures taken while enjoying the party. These captures remain timeless and constant keepsakes from the joyful celebration.

Corporate Parties: Corporate life may not be thrilling with filing reports and attending boring meetings. However, during the relaxed time when workers let down their hair and have enjoyable moments together, Selfie Station is a great way to capture and commemorate those exciting moments.

Fairs: Set up a Selfie Station to enhance attendees’ enjoyment at street fairs, county fairs, or any other kind of community get-togethers. Furthermore, those who attend will leave with treasured and unforgettable memories.

Starting Your Business

A basic Selfie Station investment will approximately cost you $6,995. You can further customize your new business investment with advanced options at additional costs.

Typically events are booked by average cost of between $250-$600 per hour with a minimum of two hours. Set your own prices once you get established in the business. Once you establish a steady flow, you’ll find that the Selfie Station pays itself off promptly.

The Selfie Station is approximately 80 pounds in weight and requires two people when moving it. Setup time is around 15-20 minutes, so it takes very little time before you’re ready to delight guests with your unique investment.

Investing in the Selfie Station will undoubtedly attract more customers and enhance already thriving businesses. A low startup cost, an instant appeal among customers, versatile customizable options, and easy setup makes the Selfie station perfect for first-time entrepreneurs, making it the ultimate go-to marketing tool for innovative startups worldwide.

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