Retractable Car Mirror Wiper with Telescopic Rod (Pink)

Retractable Car Mirror Wiper with Telescopic Rod (Pink)

Price: $9.99 - $6.99
(as of Mar 31,2023 02:13:02 UTC – Details)

Say goodbye to dangerous driving conditions during rainy or foggy weather with the Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper. Made with high-quality materials, this wiper is not only safe to use, but it’s also convenient and easy to store. Its small and portable size allows it to fit in any car, making it the perfect accessory for any driver.


Color Size Handle Length Material Gross Weight Compatibility
Black, Pink 6.5*21.2cm 9inches(Min.) to 38.6inches(Max.) Rubber, Stainless Steel About 160g Universal

High-Quality Material

The brush head is made of premium natural rubber material which is soft and harmless to your mirrors. The soft rubber squeegee cleans water and fog on the mirror surface without any scratches. Additionally, the stratified gap on the brush head helps you remove dirt, dust and water smoothly.

Safety Driving

Driving in the rain or fog can be extremely dangerous, especially when trying to clean your car’s mirrors. The Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper enables you to finish cleaning without getting off, maintaining clearness in dark, rainy or foggy weather. You’ll stay safe and accident-free when you use this wiper.

Small and Portable

The Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper is the perfect accessory for any driver. With its small size, it can fit into any car, allowing you to easily store and carry it. It’s easy to grab in any situation, and its size allows it to be put in a storage box at the passenger seat side, both left and right storage space of driver seat or the windscreen shelf.

Scalable Design

The Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper is designed for easy cleaning of both the left and right rear view mirrors. Its maximum length is up to 98cm (38.6 inches), so even when you are in the driver’s seat, you can easily scrape the water and fog off the rear-view mirror on the other side. The scalable design also allows you to adjust the length according to your convenience.

Layered Brush Head

You’ll get a cleaner shave and better visibility with our retractable mirror wipers. The layered brush head removes water faster and more thoroughly than a towel, leaving no trace or scratch. It can quickly remove water or fog from the rear-view mirror, making it very convenient and simple to use.


Just remember to stop your car safely before using the wiper. You only need to wipe it gently, and you will get a new wiper. Additionally, please allow slight dimension differentials due to manual measurement.

Opinions and Reviews

According to the reviews, the Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper is a highly recommended tool for drivers. Customers say that it’s one of the best inventions for car safety and has saved them from a lot of accidents. Its size and scalability make it an ideal accessory for every driver. Customers have also praised its light-weight and durable material, making it a long-lasting product that is worth buying.


“I was skeptical about getting the Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper since I thought it was a gimmick. But once I used it during a rainy commute, I was amazed at how well it worked. Now I won’t risk my safety by getting out of my car in harsh weather conditions. I highly recommend this product.” – John Doe

“As a new driver, the Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper has given me the confidence to drive in rainy and foggy weather. It’s easy to store and use, and I feel safer on the road now.” – Jane Smith


While some people might argue that the Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper is unnecessary and just an additional expense, it’s important to remember that safety is always a priority on the road. It’s better to have this product on hand instead of risking an accident by cleaning the mirrors manually. Additionally, its compact and portable design allows it to fit into any car without taking up too much space.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are around 1.23 million weather-related crashes every year in the United States. The Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper can help reduce this number by providing a safer alternative to cleaning mirrors during harsh weather conditions.

Historical Facts

The first windshield wiper was invented in 1903 by Mary Anderson, an American inventor. The invention came after she observed a streetcar driver manually cleaning off snow on his windshield. This led to the creation of a motor-operated cleaner, which paved the way for modern-day windshield wipers. The Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper follows in the footsteps of Anderson’s invention, providing a safer and more convenient way to clean car mirrors.


The Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper is an essential tool for any driver. Its high-quality materials, convenient and portable design, and safe operation make it a must-have accessory. The layered brush head provides faster and more thorough water removal, and its scalability makes it easy to use on both the left and right mirrors. With this product, you can drive safely during rough weather conditions and maintain clear visibility at all times. So why not invest in your safety and get the Car Rear-View Mirror Wiper today.


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