Photo Booth Investment Opportunity in Ohio

Invest in the Future of Event Entertainment: The Selfie Station

Are you interested in lucrative investment opportunities in Ohio? Check out the Selfie Station, a revolutionary business opportunity that is taking the country by storm. With the rising popularity of the Selfie Station, now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor.

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned photo booth and hello to the modern 21st-century Selfie Station. This portable photo station is easy to use and set up at events for guest entertainment. You can make money by the hour, so there’s no need to worry if the location you picked for the event is profitable enough. Even with no photography background, you can operate the Selfie Station easily and effortlessly, allowing guests to take group pictures and “selfies” at any occasion.

At only 80 pounds, the Selfie Station is lightweight and easy to move. Two people can quickly transport it and set it up in approximately 15-20 minutes. It requires only one operator at an event, which means you don’t have to hire an entire team to see profits.

Compared to traditional franchises like fast-food restaurants, the Selfie Station is an affordable investment option starting at less than $7,000. You don’t have to deal with endless bank requests or hiring loads of staff. Unlike other investments, you don’t even need to quit your current job to start your own venture. The Selfie Station comes with pre-installed photo booth software, a 32" interactive touch screen monitor, a DSLR Canon Camera, a High Definition Web Camera, a Computer with Keyboard and Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivity. A printer is also available to connect to the Selfie Station, letting people pick up prints right there. The Professional Package includes Studio Lighting with flash umbrella, a backdrop, green screen, and even a red carpet.

Photography classes can be expensive and time-consuming. Professional photographers spend hours editing and retouching pictures, only for their clients to order a few copies. The Selfie Station does not require extensive training; instead, it is easy to learn how to operate the device.

You can set your own price for operating the Selfie Station to cater to your market. Some operators charge a minimum of $500 to $1200 for a two-hour event. Every event could benefit from a Selfie Station, including weddings, charity events, corporate events, birthday parties, high school reunions, trade shows, and proms. Having a Selfie Station at any party, event, or occasion where guests are having fun is bound to make it even better.

Say goodbye to disposable cameras and expensive wedding photographers that take dozens of unnecessary pictures. With the Selfie Station, people can take pictures and send them via text or email, upload to social media, and have every photo available on USB. For a little extra money, guests can experience unlimited printing on-site, backdrops, frames, premium lighting, green screens that let users choose their own backgrounds, party props, custom brand event logos, and even a red carpet.

The Selfie Station is an excellent low-cost investment option with minimal staffing requirements and overhead costs. This proven business model started in San Diego in early 2014 as a successful photo event company. Now that the company has expanded nationwide, anyone can take advantage of this great opportunity. The cutting-edge technology and ongoing product development ensure that you will always stay ahead of the competition.

Invest in the future of entertainment and up your game by setting up a Selfie Station at various events. Being the first in Ohio to have this innovative entertainment system will bring in clients from the get-go. As word spreads about the new and exciting addition to your event planning, you’re sure to see repeat business before anyone else even knows what hit them. Take the opportunity now to own your own profitable business with the Selfie Station.

Invest in the Selfie Station Now!

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