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Capitalizing on the party and event opportunities in New Hampshire is a unique business opportunity that you can take advantage of with the help of a Selfie Station. A Selfie Station is a modern twist on traditional photo booths, designed to cater to guests who love taking selfies with their smartphones. It comes equipped with features that can’t be found in a regular camera or phone camera.
With a Selfie Station, you can earn a considerable amount of profit by offering your services at various events such as weddings, product launches, mitzvahs, celebrations of major birthdays, baby showers, reunions, art expos, trade shows, fundraisers, and company parties. The kind of service it provides caters to every kind of occasion as long as there is a budget involved.
By purchasing a Selfie Station, you are not buying a franchise, but owning a business. You do not have to pay any other expenses after purchasing the station. Our support team will always be available via phone to provide you the necessary assistance with operating your new business.
Your revenue comes directly from clients where you charge for your services at each party or event. Attending photographers and other related professionals get paid by their clients, and you should expect the same treatment. Once you start advertising your new business, clients can reserve your services with deposits before complete payment on the day of the event.
You can buy a Selfie Station for $6,995 using our Basic package. It includes one Selfie Station, Pre-installed photo-booth software, a Canon DSLR camera that shoots still photos and short videos, a large, interactive monitor built into the Selfie Station, a high-definition Web camera, a computer, a keyboard, ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity. You should consider the Printer package for $8,495 if you want to offer printed photos to your clients. This package has everything included in the basic package with an additional DNP DS40 printer and a media kit that makes 800 photo prints. The Professional package comes with everything included in the Basic and Printer packages for $9,995. Also, it includes a professional lighting unit, Selfie Station-branded backdrop and stand, a green screen, and a red carpet. Offering both digital and printed photos will give you more flexibility to book your station for more events.
Selfie Stations are thoroughly customizable. You can place your brand logo and colors on the station. Please mention your interest in customization when you contact us.
Your new Selfie Station’s delivery will take up to 30 days, but there is no need to wait to start advertising your services. As soon as you place your order, begin getting the word out there. Reach out to wedding planners, advertise your services on social media platforms, and communicate your services every way possible. You will start earning money from the day your Selfie Station arrives!
If you’re interested in starting this exciting business opportunity, call us at (800) 965-0150 today. Let’s help you get started.

Get the Party Started with Selfie Stations in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known for its vast array of parties and events all year long. From weddings to product launches, major birthdays to fund-raisers – every party requires capturing memories. And now, thanks to Selfie Station, you have a golden opportunity to jump into this lucrative market.

A Look at Selfie Station

Think of Selfie Station as an innovative solution to traditional photo booths, designed specifically for people who love taking selfies using their smartphones. While loaded with features that far exceed those found on regular cameras or phone cameras, it mirrors a smartphone “enlarged” by a magical machine!

Why Choose Selfie Station?

It’s simple – Selfie Station has a unique business model that allows you to offer services at a variety of events, such as:

Event Description
Wedding Receptions Capture candid moments of newlyweds and their guests!
Mitzvahs Give guests the chance to capture and share lifelong memories!
Baby Showers Make the mother-to-be feel special with some baby bump selfies!
Art Expos Wedding photographers often set up booths in expos to showcase their work,
Fundraisers Use groups shots of attendees for public relations campaigns or building morale.
Product Launches Serve as an eye catcher throughout the launches’ marketing strategy

The list is endless, spanning almost any occasion as long as it comes with a budget. Once you own a Selfie Station, your revenue source comes directly from the clients. You can determine how much to earn; previous owners have made more than $1000 every time they booked their unit!

How much does it cost?

You might be surprised but Selfie Stations are affordable, starting at just $6995 for the Basic Package which includes:

Parts Description
One Selfie Station A complete station with easy-to-follow instructions
Pre-installed photo-booth software Software that makes creating a seamless system simplified upon delivery
A Canon DSLR camera A high-resolution digital camera for taking amazing photos and short videos
A large interactive monitor Selfies are far more fun when you mesh with the background or create custom designs.
A HD webcamera Crisp, clear pictures and videos make guests want to come back for more
A computer and keyboard A simple setup helps save persons who rent your station hassles of having to read nitty-gritty instructions
Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity Wireless connection to share images instantly keeps guests engaged at events.

If you want to offer prints to clients, consider our Printer package costing $8495. It comes with all of the Basic Package’s features and includes a media kit that allows users to print up to eight-hundred photo prints!

The Professional package is the ultimate package, priced at $9995, spruces up your Selfie Station business. It has everything in the Basic and Printer packages with additional features such as a professional lighting unit, a branded backdrop and stand and green screen, and a red carpet to kick it up a notch. It’s the perfect solution for parties and major events.

How to Get Started Now!

You can customize your Selfie Station to match the style of your event. As soon as you place your order, start advertising. Spread the word that you’re offering services to capture beautiful memories for any special occasion.

What sets Selfie Station apart is that you own it! This means that you keep all the profits. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to cash in and create beautiful memories with patrons at each event. If you’re ready to invest in your potential and join this consistently growing market, contact us today at (800) 965-0150.

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