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The Profitable Trend of Mobile Photo Booths in Mississippi

In today’s fast-paced business world, it becomes increasingly important for entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions that will keep them ahead of the game. One such trend that is rapidly on the rise is mobile photo booths. These booths provide a unique opportunity for business owners to increase revenue while delighting customers with an unforgettable experience. In Mississippi, the increasing popularity of selfies makes it the perfect place for businesses to take advantage of this trend.

Profit Potential

Mobile photo booth ownership offers excellent profit potential. Owners can charge anywhere from $250 to $600 per hour, depending on the occasion, demand and negotiation. With the ability to serve more events, owners can make vast amounts of money. They can choose to operate as full-time or part-time owners, making their own hours, and being their own boss. Moreover, the cost of owning a photo booth can be easily recouped within a few months, after which it becomes pure profit for the owner. All that the owner needs to do is show up at the event and let the photobooth do the rest.

So Many Occasions

Mississippians love to have fun, and there are limitless opportunities for photo booths to add to the enjoyment. From proms, birthdays, sweet sixteens, and corporate functions to holiday parties, street fairs, bachelorette parties, quinceaneras, and bar/bat mitzvahs, photo booths add fun to any occasion. However, weddings are the most popular event for placing a photo booth, as they allow guests to capture memories with family and loved ones. Not only do they want to remember how they looked and what they wore, but they also want to savor the fun, happiness, and emotions of the day. As a result, special deals can be created for weddings, encouraging the bride and groom to spend extra to provide entertainment for their guests.

Owners of Selfie Stations can partner with wedding planners, party stores and corporate managers responsible for planning events. These individuals are always looking to provide customers with great value and entertainment. By networking with owners of photo booths, they can provide a fun, entertaining service at a reasonable cost for their clients.

Different Features

There are three varieties of selfie stations that include basic, printer, and professional stations, each with varying price points. The basic station is $6,995 and includes a complete photo booth system, pre-installed software, DSLR Cannon camera, web camera, computer, keyboard, ethernet, and wi-fi capability, and a 32″ touch screen monitor. This system allows users to send photos directly to their social media accounts while adjusting and manipulating the images using special software.

The photobooth with printing features costs $8,495 and includes everything above along with a DNP DS40 high-quality printer and up to 800 prints. The third variation, the professional feature, costs $9,995 and includes all aspects of the printer photobooth, plus a red-carpet, a green screen, a photo strobe, an umbrella, and a backdrop with stand. With these materials, photos can be taken in a professional setting, allowing guests to place themselves anywhere on earth using green screen technology.


There are several package plans costing between $250 to $600. The basic plan includes the booth, attendant presence, social media capabilities and email sending. As packages become more advanced, additional features such as printouts, lighting, red carpets, party props, customized green screen backgrounds, event logos, and company brands are included. Photobooth owners provide these services depending on customer needs.

Get Started

Starting a Mississippi-based photobooth business is simple. Call or send a request through the website and discuss ideas with a specialist over the phone. Review the set of documents, make the deposit and wait for the delivery of the machine in 5-6 weeks. Choosing to own a photo booth business is both enjoyable and profitable, satisfying both customers and owners alike.


In conclusion, mobile photo booths offer a fun and exciting experience for all ages while providing entrepreneurs with an excellent opportunity to increase revenue. Mississippians love charismatic social gatherings, making it the perfect place for owning a photo booth. The profit potential is enormous, making it a good option for full-time, part-time or as a second occupation to supplement income. With weddings being the most popular event for placing a photo booth, the real profits lie in building partnerships with wedding planners, party stores, and corporate managers responsible for events. Owning a photo booth comes with varying price points, but affordable payment plans are available to cater to different budgets. Everyone loves photos and supporting both individuals and corporates with photobooth experiences will always bring joy and happiness to people.

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