Maryland Photobooth For Sale

Starting a business seems to be an effective way of becoming financially free and spending more time with family and friends. However, lots of people feel nervous about starting their businesses due to various fears such as failure, inability to recoup the initial investment, and quitting their jobs among others. These fears are genuine but can be overcome by finding a suitable investment opportunity that would enable them to venture into their desired business. Now, if you are a resident of Maryland looking for such an investment possibility, you should take a look at the Selfie Station.

What is the Selfie Station?

A Selfie Station is an open-air Photo Booth. Like the traditional photo booth, it is where individuals or groups come to take fun pictures. Unlike the photo booth that has been around for over 100 years, the Selfie Station is a new innovative product that is making waves in the industry. Its camera boasts high-quality DSLR Canon technology and an additional HD webcam that allows guests to take short videos during events. This feature is particularly useful at weddings, graduation parties, and other occasions where messages or feedback can be recorded for souvenir and documentation purposes.

Other features of the Selfie Station include 32-inch interactive touch screen monitor, preinstalled Photo Booth software, Wi-Fi connectivity, computer and keyboard, and many add-on packages like printers and media kit that comprises of 800 4×6 prints.

Business Opportunity in the Selfie Station

One of the major benefits of investing in a Selfie Station for your business includes finance. For just $7,000, an entrepreneur can acquire a basic Selfie Station unit. However, there may be some other costs associated with advertising, transportation, buying new papers, or even props, depending on an individual’s preference. Regardless, this business has minimal start-up capital, and once everything is set up, you’re good to go.

Furthermore, every event booked could generate about $250-$600. Since events typically occur during the weekends or evening hours, your current job may continue as it is or give you lots of spare time to focus on your Selfie Station business. There’s no better way to reduce the fear of whether to quit one’s current job or not than this.

Take, for instance, if an individual could book just one event per week, such a person can pay back the $7,000 start-up capital in just a few months while still retaining their regular job. By doing so, any new income garnered from the self-business would undoubtedly translate to pure profit. This business model has almost zero risks associated with it and promises a potential return on investment that is too good to ignore.


In conclusion, becoming an entrepreneur comes with its challenges: fear of failure, quitting one’s job, how to recoup one’s initial investments, and a few other uncertainties. With the Selfie Station, Maryland residents can take advantage of this low-cost innovative product offering a potentially high yield on investment with minimum risk. With this amazing opportunity at your fingertips, you can now venture into the world of entrepreneurship without losing financially.

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