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Revolutionize Festive Events with a Selfie Station Business in Maine

Entrepreneurial residents of Maine now have the chance to jump on an exciting business opportunity that updates an old concept for the current era. If you enjoy delighting guests with services tailor-made for events, then owning and running a Selfie Station might be what you need.

What is a Selfie Station?

Selfies have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s no surprise that they’ve taken over the smartphone experience. However, due to their informal nature, many of these photos turn out to be unflattering and fail to capture the celebratory essence of any event fully. Selfie Stations are here to solve that problem!

Each Selfie Station is a comprehensive photo booth system that comes equipped with the following features:

– Pre-installed photo-booth software
– A Canon DSLR camera
– A high-definition Web camera
– A large, interactive touch-screen monitor
– A computer
– Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity

A Selfie Station looks like an oversized, user-friendly smartphone, making everyone who sees it at an event excited to use its numerous features that often make its owner the life of the party!

What Can People Do with a Selfie Station?

A Selfie Station offers a lot more than a mere selfie. Our machines enable attendees at events to take impromptu pictures and festive group photos while spotlighting the familial shots specific to grand galas. Moreover, every box that contains each unit provides fun props that hosts can use to create a memorable affair.

Which Parties Need a Selfie Station?

Every party, big or small, could benefit from having a Selfie Station present. You can maximize the fun atmosphere for events such as class reunions, weddings, product launches, important birthdays, Mitzvahs, wedding anniversaries, graduation parties, prom nights, fundraising events, and art shows. Simply put, a Selfie Station ‘fits’ every festivity!

How Will You Make Money with Your Selfie Station in Maine?

If you are a go-getter, owning a Selfie Station can be a lucrative business opportunity for you. Our product is a tool that helps party hosts realize their parties’ full potential while making you indispensable to the occasion. Those who hustle do well in this industry.
Once you place your order, it takes an estimated 30 days to process your Selfie Station delivery. During this time frame, you should start marketing and booking your initial events. Suppose you have an extensive professional network as your foundation. In that case, you’ll only need to inform them of your new venture.

For starters, we suggest connecting with wedding planners and booking space at wedding shows. After receiving your Selfie Station, exhibiting at any show or event presents a unique opportunity to add excitement to celebrations and promote your business simultaneously. The quantity of work and amount you charge depends solely on you. Some individuals who invest in Selfie Stations have reported earning over $1,000 from each event they work.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Selfie Station?

In addition to being able to create lively events, owning a Selfie Station in Maine has numerous advantages, such as:

– Being your own boss
– Providing a steady side income
– Making a comfortable full-time living
– Filling up your social calendar with a variety of fun events

As seen, our “photo booth for the smartphone age” could very well be your ticket to freedom and success!

How Would You Like Your Selfie Station Configured?

Our team offers three distinct configurations that enable you to choose a Selfie Station that suits your needs perfectly. Acquiring a Selfie Station costs as little as $6,995, and every sale comes with our unwavering customer support.

If you would like to make your Selfie Station stand out, we offer a “custom exterior” option that incorporates your preferred color and logo onto your unit’s body.

We are Here for You!

You can count on our team to assist you in selecting the best Selfie Station configuration that aligns with your business goals. Even after completing a sale with us, we remain here to help you troubleshoot and provide valuable marketing tips.

Contact us on (800) 965-0150. We love engaging with entrepreneurs from Maine and look forward to helping you turn your business dreams into reality!

Configuration Features Price
Selfie Station Basic Pre-installed photo-booth software, Canon DSLR camera, high-definition web camera, large interactive touch-screen monitor, computer, and Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity $6,995
Selfie Station Pro Selfie Station Basic features + Professional studio flash, extra studio-quality light, studio background support system, painted studio background, and carrying case $9,249
Selfie Station Elite Selfie Station Pro features + External monitor, Mitsubishi high-speed dye-sublimation printer, external camera battery pack, and large event printer stand $14,999

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with every Selfie Station?

Each machine comes with pre-installed photo-booth software, a Canon DSLR camera, a high-definition Web camera, a large touch-screen monitor, a computer and Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity. You also get a fun box of props.

How much money can I make with my Selfie Station?

The amount of money you can earn depends solely on your drive and the number of events you attend. Some Selfie Station owners earn over $1,000 from each event they work.

What type of events are suitable for Selfie stations?

Any party or festive occasion is an excellent opportunity to use a Selfie Station. Whether you are celebrating a graduation, wedding anniversary, art show opening, important birthday, product launch, prom night, mitzvah, reunion, or fundraising event, a Selfie Station fits all festive occasions.

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