Luxurious 19″ Sheepskin Car Seat Cover for Auto Interior (Front, Black)

Luxurious 19″ Sheepskin Car Seat Cover for Auto Interior (Front, Black)

Price: $27.97
(as of Mar 31,2023 03:48:04 UTC – Details)

Are you tired of sitting in your car seat for long periods of time, only to find yourself uncomfortable and cramped? Look no further than the OGLAND Sheepskin Seat Cover. This seat cover is made of natural Australian Merino sheepskin, which is known for its natural resilience, flame retardancy, hypo-allergenic properties, and the ability to insulate against both heat and cold. These features make it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin or arthritis.

Naturally Resilient: The wool may not be very fluffy initially, but it is very resilient and will bounce back to its original shape. You can simply comb it out, shake it several times, or blow dry it with a hair dryer to restore its soft, fluffy appearance.

Naturally Flame Retardant: The OGLAND Sheepskin Seat Cover is naturally flame retardant, making it an excellent choice for people concerned with safety while driving. It’s not easy to burn and easy to put out when the fire leaves.

Hypo-allergenic: Made with real sheepskin, this product is hypo-allergenic – an important characteristic for people with allergic constitutions. Not only is it perfect for sensitive skin, but it’s also soft and comfortable for arthritic hands.

Insulation: It’s really soft and will keep your hands from getting burned in the summer and from freezing in the winter.

Genuine Sheepskin Test: The sheepskin is genuine and of high quality. Burn it with a lighter, and it will smell like burned human hair. Upon pinching it, it will turn into powder. This test confirms that the sheepskin is real, and not a fake product consisting of cheaper, synthetic materials.

FAUX Products Tested By Burned: Synthetic materials such as acrylic fibers can easily burn, and after burning, there are hard lumps. Additionally, the “skin” is not real; instead, it is composed of multi-layer materials that are held together.

Raw Materials: The OGLAND Sheepskin Seat Cover is made of natural Australian Merino sheepskin. Naturally Resilient: Naturally flame Retardant: Absorbs Moisture: Hypo-allergenic: and Insulates Against both heat and cold.

Style: The Comfortable Real Fur Fluffy Wool Car Seat Cover boasts a wonderful texture that’s both natural and comforting. It’s available in a range of vibrant colors and provides soft, safe warmth while eliminating pressure points.

Application: At 19 inches, the cover is a universal size that is suitable for most types of car seats. It can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Installation Method: The elastic bond makes the installation process easy and safe, providing both security and comfort for drivers and passengers alike. You’ll stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather, thanks to the OGLAND Sheepskin Seat Cover! So why not try it out today and experience the difference?

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