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10 Signs your Co-Worker is still Drunk

Apr 18th 2020

Alcohol takes its toll on the body and some mornings you can see it right on the face of your co-worker. Many of us have been in this position. You go out the night before, possibly drank too much, and now you have to go work. Exhaustion, nausea and glossy eyes are just a few indicators that your co-worker’s performance will be less-than-stellar. It might also mean you have to take on an extra workload for the day to compensate. To be prepared for the work day ahead, here are 10 signs to look for if you suspect your co-worker is still drunk from the night before:

  1. Loss of Coordination

You see your co-worker walk in late. He/She is staggering through the hall on the way to their desk. Maybe he/she bumps into a wall, nobody saw it, but you did. Loss of motor functions, which include wobbly legs, flailing arms and dropping objects, is the first sign he/she may still be drunk.

  1. Bad Grooming

Their breath reeks of strong mint, but not enough to cover their foul body odor. Their hair is even worse so much that the finest of weed whackers could not tame that nest.

  1. Slurred Speech

They have sparked your curiosity, so you have to ask “Are you feeling okay?” They give an inaudible explanation with a stutter and mumble, but you politely respond back “That’s good to hear.”

  1. Visibly ill

The work day has started. Your co-worker is at their desk, but you notice their face is turning a shade of green. Suddenly, they jump up from their desk to run to the washroom. When they come back, their white shirt is now stained with splatter, but they seem to have a look of relief. Nausea is one of the most common signs of a blood alcohol level above the common legal limit of 0.8%.

  1. No Inhibition

When they get back to their desk, they are feeling a bit “chatty.” Your co-worker starts talking about inappropriate topics for the work place. You become uncomfortable, but they keep going on with no fear of reprimand from your boss. It’s safe to say he/she now has all of the office’s attention.

drunk employee

  1. Restlessness

Your co-worker doesn’t want to be here. They keep looking at the clock and fidgeting in their chair. You would offer them something to do, but you know it wouldn’t get done in time. They begin walking to and from the supply closet for their third pen of the day. He/She is also nowhere to be found for 15 minutes at a time, but you know they are hiding out in the washroom when no one’s looking.

  1. Drinking too much coffee

Your co-worker complains about being tired and thinks their only option to salvage their job is with a cup of coffee. However, it’s not just one cup, they are downing caffeine by the pot load. This will do little to sober them, or offset the impending afternoon hangover, because coffee is not a cure.

  1. Anxiety

Your co-worker is starting to feel uneasy after a morning of struggling through what looked like a miserable morning from them. Now reality seems to be setting in for them; suspicious they will be outed by the boss, they begin to panic. He/She are biting their nails or chewing on their hair with a glazed look on their face with eyes wide open. All the while you are wondering why they have not been sent home already?

  1. Complains about pain

It’s 1 p.m. Everyone is back from lunch, but your inebriated colleague has not left their desk. He/She has their head laying on their crossed arms and tells you about the excruciating pain they feel in their neck and stomach. This is caused by dehydration and despite their copious amounts of coffee in the morning, it only prolonged the inevitable body aches.

  1. Loss of Memory

It’s almost the end of the day. Your boss finally confronts your co-worker and asks him what he did the night before. However, he/she can only recall few details and responds with an open-ended “I’m not sure.” It is the quintessential blackout that comes from a night out and ingesting more drinks than the body can metabolize per hour. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to the impairment of forming long-term memory and the drinker is left with amnesia the morning after.

Rory Stalwart is an employee of Elite Private Wealth, a provider of group insurance for companies in Richmond Hill. Elite Private Wealth is located 210 West Wilmot St. in Richmond Hill, Ontario.