Iowa Photo Booth for Sale

Start a Fun and Profitable Business Venture with Selfie Station

If you are looking for an exciting business opportunity in Iowa, the Selfie Station might be the perfect match for you! Our modern photo booth business model is designed to bring fun and entertainment to events while helping entrepreneurs make money. The Selfie Station is perfect if you want to be the life of the party and help others have a great time.

What is the Selfie Station?

Selfie Station is a state-of-the-art photo booth that resembles a smartphone. It takes amazing high-definition photos and short videos and comes equipped with features to help you make money by starting your own business in the party and event industry. Owning a Selfie Station would allow you to be your boss, create wealth for yourself and your family, and help hosts throw incredible parties.

What Does the Selfie Station Include?

Each unit comes with essential components like a large interactive touchscreen monitor, a Canon DSLR camera, a high-definition webcam, the best photo-booth software, a computer with a keyboard, ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity. These features will help ensure that you can deliver high-quality service at every event you cover.

Benefits of Owning a Selfie Station

When you purchase a Selfie Station, you are buying more than just a photo booth. You can operate it as a business venture, doing as much or as little business as you choose. Whether you decide to run the station yourself or hire employees to do it, being your boss can lead to more significant benefits such as creating enjoyable memories for your clients and their guests, providing enjoyment through events, and creating wealth for yourself.

Where to Use Selfie Stations?

The nature of Selfie Station is fun and flexible that it works well in almost all types of events. You can use the Selfie Station for events such as Wedding receptions, Birthday parties, Prom nights, Art shows, Sporting events, Charity events, Holiday parties, Product launches, trade expos, and class reunions. You can never anticipate where the Selfie Station would be popular, and you can create new opportunities for your business.

How Much Money Can You Generate with A Selfie Station?

The amount of money you will make by owning a Selfie Booth is dependent on several factors, including booking as many events as possible, providing excellent customer service to clients, and networking aggressively. With the Selfie Station, you don’t have to worry about advertising or promotion because it sells itself. Once you establish yourself as the go-to Selfie Station owner in your area, you can expect new event bookings to become more accessible.

Buying a Selfie Station

We sell our photo booth units directly to our customers. Each unit comes equipped with all the essential accessories necessary for creating fun mementos for party guests. Furthermore, we welcome custom branding requests, which we integrate into the machine’s external features. We also include a box of silly props with every unit to utilize to maximize your Selfie Station’s entertainment capabilities.


If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, selling an established product, the Selfie Station might be what you’re looking for. Reach out to us now for orders or any support services you need via (800) 965-0150; we’re happy to help make your dream of being the talk of the town a reality!

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