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Cooking oils

Get some HOT masala and spices. All the hot Indian masalas you could ever imagine and want here. With Zogby, you can buy all of your favorite Indian spices, masalas, and more. If you're looking to cook easy, and flavorful, Indian curries/dals, and more, then you'll need these Indian spices! We carry all the major spices, and make sure they are shipped directly to your door. We firmly believe it's important you buy spices that are responsibly sourced and are the real deal! Below is a go-to list of popular Indian Spices people love Cloves: Technically a flow, this is a common Indian spice which is dried and used whole, or ground/blended into a spice mix. All you need is a few cloves! Coriander: This is the dried seed of a cilantro plant. It has a lemon, earthy, floral, note. It's used in whole, or ground into powders.Cumin: This is used as a whole seeds, and then ground into powder. It gives a smoky flavor.Curry leaves: These are leaves grown on on India's native curry tree. They provide a citrus flavor. There is no relation to curry powder. They are often toasted, and ground, for spice blind/fried in oil for garnish, etc.

Fenugreek: This is used to perfume dishes. They are popular in South India, due to the earthy flavor it gives spice powders. Garam Masala: This is a blend of spices typically. It can include a blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, Cumin, and Black Pepper. It's used as a finishing space. It's added to dishes which have already been cooked.

Mustard Seeds: This is black, and yellow, mustard seeds. They have a smoky, nutty flavor. Red Chilies: They can be used in a number of ways. They provide heat and/or color to a dish. Star Anise: Stronger than an anise seed, they give a sweet and herbal, licorice flavor, to raise and meat.

Turmeric: This is used both fresh, and in powdered form, to give a earthy flavor to dishes. It also has a gold color! It's a source of circumin, and has been compared to Ibuprofen.

Fennel Seeds: Sometimes given as a post-dinner digestive aid. It's slightly sweet licorice flavor. They are used across India extensively.

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