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When you order wine and spirits, you want them fast.


We provide the best possible service as your Indian grocery store.


Regardless of the wine and spirit you want, we have it available.


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Our Indian grocery store has ALL wine and spirits you want. Our team is passionate about always having the most diverse, and pleasurable, wine and spirits. We have all the main liquors you’ll enjoy and like – in addition to a curated selection of wine and spirits you’ve never seen before.

Zogby is a top rated Indian Grocery Store / Liquor store, not because we have the lowest prices – but because we introduce people to new wine, and spirits, they’ll never see again.

Our Indian grocery store carries all of the top rated, and most loved, wine and spirits you’re sure to enjoy. That means Mccallen, Johnnie Walker, and more. We have all of the main brands the Indian community loves and enjoys.

Depending on your state, we can ship liquor to you from our online liquor store.

There’s many types of liquor/spirits available

Irish whiskey
Rye whiskey
Scotch Whiskey
Single malt scotch
Small batch Bourbon
Tennesee Whiskey

Many people wonder about this. The answer is YES! You can buy wine, alcohol, and liquor, from an Indian grocery store depending on where you are in the country. It is perfectly legal. Zogby has discrete packaging that comes from our Indian grocery stores to your doorsteps. There are some states where purchasing alcohol online isn’t allowed. Buying alcohol online is just like anything else – you can purchase it, and have it shipped to you.

In order to buy alcohol online from our Indian grocery store you have to be 21 years, or older.

Welcome to Zogby. We’re your premier online Indian Grocery Store. Zogby is based out of New York and is a top rated Indian Grocery Store delivery service. Our company has the best liquor for all your needs. We are here to get you the quality liquor, wine, and spirits, you want and deserve — without having to step foot into a Liquor / Grocery store again.

Why Zogby’s Indian Grocery Store?

Best: We promise the best possible quality in liquor and wine.

Fast: We promise to have the fastest possible delivery time. It means regardless of where you are, we will get you the Indian groceries you requested without any headaches, or stress. We want this to be a pleasant and fast experience for you. We promise it will!

Your Concierge Indian Grocery Store Delivery Service

Zogby has one goal: helping you get the best liquor. Before the supermarket came, people went to local grocery stores. They want to the baker, the fruit stand, and so many other places. They didn’t just go to one supermarket. They interacted with a lot of different people and store owners. Small indian grocery stores are the KEY to building a strong community. Incredibly, there’s a huge increase in Indian grocery stores recently. Zogby helps you get increased access and QUALITY OF SERVICE accessing these grocery store owners for wine and liquor.

At Zogby, what we do is improve the quality of the connection between a grocery store owner and you! The client! We provide Indian grocery store owners with marketing, e-commerce, service tools, and more, in order to make it easier for them to take your online orders! We work with literally hundreds of indian grocery stores and here to help you.

Both of our founding partners remember as kids, they would drive 40-60 minutes to find the closest Indian grocery store. Their vision is to make it easier for you to get the groceries you want, at your convenience. Zogby connects you with store owners in your local area, so you never have to leave your again.

It’s so simple. You find the wine and spirit on our website you want. We have 1000’s of products in our online Indian Grocery Store, from stores you’re already shopping at! You can then schedule a delivery for your groceries. By shopping through Zogby, you get exclusive access to special pricing and discounts. One of the great things about Zogby is that you get deals that you love. You save money, just by shopping at Zogby. We have negotiated better pricing. Find virtually everything you buy, and also get information about other products we think you might like! If you love good, organic, food, you can get it with Zogby. We buy fresh organic food, faster, and easier, than anyone else – and deliver it to you.

Quality is important

The quality of liquor you order from us is identical to what you would find at your local Indian grocery store. This is because our drivers go to the exact store and get the produce from there. You can absolutely trust our shoppers to choose the best wine and spirits for you – as if they were shopping for themselves. We pride ourselves on having the best possible level of customer satisfaction. Because we’re a shopping and delivery service, we can go to any store you want. For example, if you ask us, we can go to BJ’s, or Costco, in order to get the items these stores carry. Even though BJ’s isn’t an Indian grocery store, we can go there for you. Normally, these stores are for bulk purchases, they don’t carry specific brands or sizes.

We deliver Alcohol as well

Zogby is also a premier online liquor delivery service. We abide by the laws in your delivery area, so it’s important you’re over 21. We believe in keeping children safe. For this reason, our drivers will ask for ID when delivering your grocery shopping if there’s alcohol also. The person who accepts the order has to show proof of age.

Can I purchase products online at Zogby’s indian grocery store

We have list of specifics products, and categories, in addition to pictures and prices of the groceries. We have a complete database of most popular groceries you’ll probably want. Unlike other Indian grocery store delivery services, we provide you with a huge selection of groceries. We are a shopping service for you, so we believe in giving you the freedom of choice.


Vodka | Clean Liquor

This is one of the most consumed liquors in the world. In 2012, over 4 billion liters of Vodka were consumed. This is an essential ingredient in a large number of cocktails and drinks. It can be sipped straight, or mixed. Virtually anything can be used to make vodka. The most common ingredients are barley, rye, wheat, potatoes, or even corn.


Tasty & Delicious

Regardless of whether you’re a pirate, rum is an excellent drink. It was made due to excess molasses, during colonial times. Farmers learned they could ferment molasses to create Rum. Unlike spirits like bourbon and whiskey, Rum isn’t subject to regulations. Distillers can make virtually any variety, and use any distillation technique. As a result, there’s many types of rum, like white rum, dark rum, and even spiced rum. Rum is a great liquor with coke, and other mixers.



Whiskey is one of the best, and most amazing, spirits. Whiskey is an umbrella term that includes a lot of spirits ranging from bourbon, to scotch. One of the ways companies have created new flavors is experimenting with different types of grain.



Cognac comes from France. The process to create this is very long. It’s distilled twice in copper pot stills, then transferred to oak barrels, where it ages for a minimum of two years.



Tequila has a wild and amazing reputation. Some people love it, some hate it. True tequila is made with strict guidelines. It’s made from the blue agave, and only comes from a specific place in Mexico.


Scotch | So many varieties

Scotch is one of those things that Indian families truly love. Nothing is more sacred than a good Scotch in the liquor selection.


Bourbon | Tasty

Bourbon is a one of a type, spirit. Nothing is more American than Bourbon. Nothing beats a good Bourbon. There’s so many varieties and profiles.


Endless varieties

Gin is served best on its own. It can be mixed into cocktails, and it pairs well with many types of food.

Zogby has partnered with major organic Indian grocery stores

This is the main reason we are so successful.

When you get your groceries online, Zogby can help. When you buy your liquor from us, we make sure to get you the wine and spirits you want, when you want them, at the price you want. We deliver all of the Indian groceries you want, without having to worry about driving there. With COVID-19, many people want to avoid major retailers. We make it possible for you to get your groceries, and all of your home necessities. With Zogby, you can get access to major, everyday, products from people you already shop at!

What is

Zogby is a premier Indian grocery store delivery service specializing in wine and spirits. You tell us what you want, how many of the products you want, and when you like it delivered. Zogby works with premier Indian grocery stores all over your area, and then delivers you the wine and spirits you request.

We shop at virtually all stores. You tell us the store you would like us to shop at, and we’ll go there for you. We’re not part of a specific supermarket or chain, we can go to any store – what’s important to us is what you want. There’s no membership fee to use our service.  There’s no membership fee needed, or any app. We are an Indian grocery store delivery service, and only charge for shopping and delivery.

One of the great things about working with Zogby is that there’s no markup or padding of the price you see for the grocery. The prices are almost the same as in store, including sales, and specials. Other Indian grocery store delivery services might make statements like, “Pricing might be a little higher than in the actual store,” etc. We provide a store receipt from the Indian grocery store, with every single purchase. Other grocery store delivery services never honor this, and will not provide a receipt.

The shoppers in our service work for us, and we make sure to only work with trained and local drivers. Other services use crowd-sourced drivers who they aren’t looking into. We have our own team! Because of this, you can order from more than one store. We shop at any store you want, and you can choose multiple stores too. Our team is continuously expanding our network of grocery shopping and delivery stores in your area.