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Make Great Money with Selfie Stations in Idaho

Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you want to start a business that reflects your personality and lifestyle? Are you interested in creating fun and lasting memories for people at their special events? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then investing in a Selfie Station may be the best step you can take.

What is a Selfie Station?

In simple terms, think of it as an updated photo booth. A Selfie Station is a unique “jumbo smartphone” that you can set up at big parties and special events to help people capture memorable moments. It has an interactive interface that allows attendees to take photos and short videos.

Benefits of Owning a Selfie Station

Owning a Selfie Station gives you the freedom and flexibility to work for yourself. No longer will you be subject to someone else’s rules or expectations. You become your own boss who controls your work hours and income potential. With this new business opportunity, you become a facilitator of happy memories and get paid while making people smile.

Where Can You Make Money with Your Selfie Station in Idaho?

With your Selfie Station, the possibilities are limitless. You have a wide variety of places and events to which you can take the machine. The best part is that you can make money anywhere because people will always want to treasure their happiest moments. Some potential clients include those hosting birthday parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, product launches, street fairs, art shows, prom nights, class reunions, large wedding-anniversary celebrations, charity events and many more.

What Do You Get When You Buy a Selfie Station?

Our Selfie Stations are custom-designed to help partygoers make memories. Each unit comes with several components such as a large touch-screen monitor, a high-definition web camera, a Canon DSLR camera, pre-installed photo-booth software, a computer with a keyboard, and Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. We also include a box of fun props as part of the package, allowing guests to take their photos to the next level.

How Much Does It Cost, And Can You Customize Your Selfie Station?

The cost of acquiring a Selfie Station can be as little as $6,995. It’s an excellent investment that pays for itself quickly. We have packages that allow you to maximize your earning potential such as our Professional setup that costs only $9,995. With this setup, you can add pro-level lighting and an array of backgrounds to each photo. The system also includes a printer that lets you give party guests instant keepsakes. Additionally, we can customize your Selfie Station’s exterior to make it unique and distinct. If you contact us, we’ll discuss the customization options available according to your preferences.

How Much Money Can You Make with Your Selfie Station in Idaho?

Your income depends on several factors, including your connections in the local community, your networking skills, how much time and energy you put into your business, your interest in working with the public, and the economy where you live. However, some people make at least $1,000 every night they work. Make sure you set your hourly rate no lower than $250, and depending on the situation, you can even charge significantly more.

Where to start?

As soon as you purchase your Selfie Station, contact local wedding planners, and start marketing your new service through social media platforms. With parties and events lined up in your calendar, you’ll be ready to “hit the ground running” when your new machine arrives. Don’t worry; we offer customer support to help get you started.

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Future?

Owning a Selfie Station gives you the potential to earn life-changing money. If you are outgoing, fun-loving, and passionate about capturing special memories, a Selfie Station may be the perfect startup business for you. Give us a call today at (800) 965-0150 to learn more about how we can help you start a new and exciting career as a Selfie Station owner.

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