How A DUI Affects Your Auto Insurance Policy Rates

Although no one wants to deal with the negative effects of a DUI, it is a quite common situation for countless Americans. However, by knowing what happens after receiving a DUI charge, you can be better prepared for the worst and also recognize just how incredibly difficult a DUI charge can be when hoping for a normal and easy future.

For instance, DUI charges can affect the places you live, the jobs you are able to attain,聽the places you can travel to, and even the cars and insurance rates you qualify for. Although the jobs, locations you can live and travel to, and the cars you can drive are all major concerns regarding DUI charges, perhaps one of the most detrimental ones which goes hand in hand with the places you can work regarding your future is the insurance rates you now will receive. In fact, once you are given a DUI charge, although the insurance policy remains a regular auto liability policy and doesn鈥檛 transition into some sort of DUI charge liability policy, you will ultimately wind up paying up to three to five times more than a person without a DUI charge on their record.

On top of this, you will also be forced to file a Proof of Financial Responsibility form (SR-22) at your local Department of Motor Vehicles likewise which proves that you have purchased the minimum amount of liability insurance depending on your state. Although most insurance companies will gladly help you with the process, the end results of getting a DUI can result in nearly $10,000 in fees and charges and, even then, you still will be forced to pay these raised rates from your insurance company until the聽DUI charge is expunged or 3-7 years has passed (depending on the state). If you injure someone, you could also be sued by the victim.

How Will A DUI Charge Affect My Rates?

There are many ways to聽review your auto insurance policy, however, which can help you to understand why the fees have raised and also allow you to choose the company with the lowest rates after the charges. Furthermore,聽one too many could cost you plenty.

For instance, a DUI will ultimately raise your rates by nearly $5,000 yearly although some companies offer a safe driver account which renews periodically allowing you to return to your regular rate once your paperwork is renewed and the charge does not lie within the designated dates the new policy is looking at.

How Do Different Companies Handle DUI Charges?

Some insurance companies are able to completely drop you after the fine so determining what company will be the most understanding after your charge can allow you to ensure that your insurance policy will not rise to an unmanageable rate and that you will retain insurance with the company even after the charges go through.

Lastly, some companies may simply put you in their 鈥榟igh risk鈥 division whereas other companies that deal specifically with high-risk drivers will do nothing but charge you slightly higher rates. Therefore, the company you choose to stay with (or switch to) could mean thousands of dollars yearly lost or saved.

Although these rates may seem drastic, a DUI charge is certainly not something to take lightly and, in turn, the punishments will always reflect the seriousness of the crime. However, by being prepared and knowing how to handle a raised insurance rate, you can find an insurance company that understands that mistakes happen and does not lead you to bankruptcy in the process. Furthermore, although聽finding a job after a DUI聽is difficult and could lead to an inability to pay for these raised rates, there are plenty of companies that still take individuals after charges of this sort, and programs that can help you to find these companies likewise. In the end, your best bet to prevent these kinds of fees and negative impacts on your life and your future is simply by not drinking and driving and ensuring the safety of not only yourself but anyone and everyone who happens to cross paths with you the night you choose to drive intoxicated.聽If you want to purchase liquor online, click here now.聽