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Capturing Memories with Selfie Stations in Hawaii

When tourists visit Hawaii, they want to relive those moments long after they’ve packed their bags and headed home. They want to share their experiences with family and friends and treasure the memories forever. A perfect way to do that is through capturing photographs, be it on the beach or while exploring different attractions. With the advent of modern technology, small business owners have found one more way to make their businesses profitable while fulfilling their customers’ needs. The emergence of photo booths like Selfie Station has given customers a unique way to take their experience back home in the form of physical photographs that they can share and cherish forever.

A Highly Profitable Business Opportunity

Small business owners usually have daily duties to perform, which often leaves them little or no time for advertising. However, installing a Selfie Station at their premises not only expands their advertising reach but also does so without any effort from their end. Social media platforms serve as an integral part of any business’s advertising campaign, and with Selfie Stations, customers can advertise for the business without a second thought. Guests can quickly and easily share their pictures to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, exposing your business to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers at the click of a button. Sharing options via text messages or email leads to additional exposure.

Benefits of Selfie Stations

Having a Selfie Station at your business comes with exciting benefits. Customers take photos that incorporate your business graphics, instantly letting anyone who views it know precisely where it was taken. You can sit back while the photos get shared on multiple social media channels, saving you valuable time so you can focus on other things. With Selfie Stations, you can track essential details through its dashboard accessible through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. These include:
– Selfie Station revenue and profit
– Percentage of daily tweets, posts, texts, and emails by guests
– Number of times the Selfie Station used on a daily basis
– Customer data such as Facebook, Twitter user information, phone numbers

Offering promotions enclosed with every photo taken through your Selfie Station is an added bonus. These promotions such as coupons or special discounts can gain instant publicity on social media platforms, letting others know of your fantastic deals and promotions.

Selfie Stations – A Universal Hit

It’s better to ask which businesses don’t have Selfie Stations than to ask which ones do. This idea has become so popular because of its versatility. Almost everyone loves taking pictures of themselves and their friends while having fun, making almost any business benefit from having at least one Selfie Station. Countless places where people visit and spend time with their loved ones, such as restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, theme parks, casinos, and coffee shops, are setting up Selfie Stations. Other places like airports, grocery stores, wineries, and many more are discovering how Selfie Stations keep customers returning again and again.

How to Get a Selfie Station?

The good news is that it’s never been easier for businesses to have their own Selfie Station. As this innovative idea spreads across the business world, it gets noticed and featured on various business shows and networks such as Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Business News, and others. To learn more about getting a Selfie Station at your business, dial our toll-free number 800-965-0150 today to request additional information. The professionals will answer all your questions, help you make the right decision and educate you on just how a Selfie Station can transform your business’s exposure across various social media channels.

Stay Ahead with Selfie Stations

As more and more people use social media sites to share their experiences with others, businesses must embrace this modern form of word-of-mouth advertising to stay ahead of the competition. Selfie Stations allow virtually any business to develop a customized social media marketing plan in line with their needs. With attractive designs that blend seamlessly into most businesses, easy-to-use touch screens, customized graphics, and high-definition cameras to take stunning pictures, Selfie Stations are proving to be a sound investment. Whether you want only one Selfie Station or several, having them will guarantee that your business becomes well-known quickly. By requesting free information today, your business can look forward to additional profits and exposure like never before.

Benefits of Selfie Stations
Each photo taken by customers incorporates your business graphics into the photo, letting everyone who views the photo know exactly where it was taken.
Selfie Stations are designed to allow quick and easy sharing of photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, giving your business instant exposure to hundreds or thousands of potential customers in the click of a button.
Your business can send promotions such as coupons or other special offers with each photo done through Selfie Station. These can quickly get featured on social media, alerting others to your special deals.
With Selfie Stations, you can monitor the important details which include revenue and profit, percentage of daily tweets, posts, emails, and texts by customers, and how many times the Selfie Station is used daily.

Almost everyone loves taking pictures of themselves and their friends while having fun, making practically any business benefit from having at least one Selfie Station. Some of the most popular places where Selfie Stations typically can be found include:

  • Restaurants
  • Movie Theaters
  • Nightclubs
  • Theme Parks
  • Casinos
  • Coffee Shops

Other Places where Selfie Stations are used in Hawaii

Along with these businesses, other places such as airports, wineries, grocery stores, and countless others are discovering just what a Selfie Station can do to keep customers coming back time and time again.

Businesses with Selfie Stations Benefits of Selfie Stations
Restaurants Great way to have customers with their friends enjoying menu assortments and share photos among social media handles with the name of your business in it.
Cafes Many people grab a quick bite or a coffee after intense work sessions providing them with an option to take selfies thus promoting the cafe’s unique features.
Amusement parks Photo booths integrated into amusement rides give riders a chance to recapture those final moments in exhilarating frames with the park’s graphic display adding to the effect.
Casinos Giving visitors an opportunity to remember their experiences while gambling with a photograph not only cements memories. But also attracts more customers through social media sharing.
Wedding Venues A perfect addition to remember beautiful moments during weddings, guests can take pictures in front of personalized backdrops and the couples’ name or initials bearing part of the display graphics.

How to Get your own Selfie Station

Small businessmen can get Selfie Stations for their patrons without any hustles. They require ordinary installation enabling everyone to operate with ease. Some renowned companies like the Selfie Station have free information available when needed through a toll-free number provided.

Call us today at 800-965-0150 to get additional information on how to increase exposure to your business with Selfie Stations

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