Fantastic Investment Opportunity in Nebraska

Own Your Dream Business with The Selfie Station
Have you ever wished to own your own business but afraid of financial commitment? Are you looking for a better way to earn extra cash? Nebraska offers the right business investment opportunity for you. The new big thing in event entertainment, the Selfie Station, is now available for purchase to the general public.

The Rise of Selfie Station
In the past, photo booths were a popular form of event entertainment, but they weren’t comfortable and often left guests feeling awkward. They’re also fixed on a wall and, as a result, aren’t portable. The Selfie Station takes the old "photo booth" model to a new level. Unlike traditional photo booths, the Selfie Station is an interactive and portable device that allows users to take their own "selfies" at events such as weddings and birthday parties.

Why Buy Selfie Station?
Purchasing the Selfie Station is a great investment opportunity because it requires low capital investment and overhead costs. At only 80 pounds, two people can move the station to any booked events, which can lead to more profits, and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to set up. Only one person manages the station, so you don’t even have to hire anyone else. Plus, most events happen on weekends and evenings, so you don’t have to quit your day job to book events. The initial cost is also less than $7,000, making it affordable for anyone desiring to break into the business world.

Being successful in the photography industry demands significant capital and expenses. Most people who have invested time and money in learning about photography still struggle to make a profit. However, owning a Selfie Station needs minimal training, meaning you do not have to spend time and resources learning to be a professional photographer. All you need to do is get out there, get the events booked, and have a great time working. Plus, with the Selfie Station, you’ll be the life of the party with this extraordinary new technology that everyone will want to use.

How Selfie Station Works
Started in San Diego in 2014, the Selfie Station is proven business model that has already taken off in and around Southern California. The Selfie Station comes loaded with features like DSLR Camera, a High Definition Web Camera, a 32-inch interactive touch screen monitor, a computer with keyboard, pre-installed photo booth software, and Ethernet & Wi-Fi Internet compatibility. You can buy upgrades such as printer with photo paper, backdrops, studio lighting, a green screen, or a red carpet to accommodate higher packages.

The Selfie Station is incredibly user-friendly. Guests at any event just have to take their picture by the photo booth and then email or text it to themselves or others. They can then post the picture to social media, and every photo is available on a USB. More expensive packages also include a green screen and backdrops so your guests can enjoy taking "selfies" easily without posing at awkward angles or carrying the outdated  “Selfie stick.” Also, With a printer on-site, guests can get unlimited prints of their pictures hassle-free.

The Impact of Selfie Station
Each market is different, and prices may vary, but operators currently charge a minimum of $500 for a two-hour session at an event. Premium bookings, with custom branding available, typically charge $1,200 for a two-hour booking. With low overhead, this means that the Selfie Station will pay for itself in only a few events. Operators of the Selfie Station have started booking time at various events: weddings, charity events, birthday parties, corporate events, trade shows, proms, high school and college reunions, and so on. The potential growth in event entertainment is enormous, so be one of the first in Nebraska to have the Selfie Station!

Table: Pros and Cons of Buying a Selfie Station



-Low capital investment -It may take time before building a customer base 
-Low overhead costs -Requires transporting equipment to the event location
-Portable and easy to set up -The revenue can be seasonal depending on your client’s events
-Requires minimal training   -Upgrades that come with premium packages are an additional expense
-High demand from customers  

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