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Earn Big Bucks in Pennsylvania with the Selfie Station Photo Booth

If you are looking for a profitable business venture that requires minimal investment, the Selfie Station offers an exciting opportunity. This latest innovation in photo booth picture-taking can be marketed for various events and parties, including weddings, allowing you to see a quick return on your investment.

The Selfie Station is a photo kiosk that party guests will eagerly want to use to capture the special event. By running a Selfie Station during nighttime hours and weekends, you can still keep your daytime job while earning extra income.

Your initial investment of less than $7,000 can be earned back in as little as twelve events. Typically, photo kiosks at parties cost between $250-$600 depending on the location and timeframe. Pricing customization options are available to clients so you’ll have some nerve-wracking opportunities to increase revenue for each package addition they opt for.

The eighty-pound selfie station will only take up a small space and has a fifteen-twenty minute set up time before customers can start using the equipment. The station comes equipped with DSLR Canon camera, hi-definition web camera, 32″ interactive touch screen monitor, WiFi, and Ethernet connections for efficiency and top-quality customer service journey tables.

At any event, guests can come up to the Selfie Station to have their photos taken. The station not only allows guests to upload photos on Facebook but also e-mail their pictures. Each guest will leave with a USB containing their photographs to enjoy over and over again.

With the add-on Selfie Station packages, guests can receive instant prints of their photos via the top-quality printer. Additionally, guests will appreciate personalization options, such as leaving a short message to the bride and groom – making it a lifetime keepsake for the happy couple after the wedding.

Moreover, proms, class reunions, retirement parties, and other formal events make great locations for a Selfie Station since guests will be eager to collect a souvenir of memories from the occasion.

To create a complete professional photo studio setup for these kinds of events, customized backdrops and props are available. Guests will appreciate silly party props like hats or sunglasses, improving the fun factor for everyone in attendance.

The Selfie Station is designed to represent your brand uniquely, and this feature makes it the best business investment. You can customize every aspect of your events by adding logos or your customer’s personal touch through personalized branding. These features mean additional revenue added to your plan!

Start earning big bucks today! By hopping over to www.selfiestation.com, sign up 30 days after making any inquiries from our FAQ page. Don’t waste time, choose prospecting and ready-to-go Selfie Station in only one month! With such a profitable return investment, you’ll have the chance to enhance Pennsylvania’s entertainment industry with some pizzazz. The Selfie Station should be your ultimate choice for making yourself indispensable at any event you cover by your high-quality services.

Be it weddings, proms, class reunions, retirement parties, or any other social gathering, give a professional service, that no one forgets! Sign up for the Selfie Station today!

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