Superlatives used to describe diamonds don’t even compare to actually gazing into a high quality stone. A diamond exists to fascinate and to draw attention.

Briefly the 4 “C”s of Diamond grading

  • Carat – 1 carat = 1/5 gram
  • Clarity – is about 10X loupe visible inclusions
  • Color – coloration of crystal
  • Cut – symmetry – proportion – finish
  • more about the 4 “C” s of diamonds

Men’s Guide to Engagement Rings

Some straight that you should read carefully. Some brutal advice about buying her engagement ring

Synthetic Diamonds?

Peering beyond the smoke and mirrors to get a glimpse at .. synthetics

Set Standards for Buying Diamonds

Do you have a strategy for buying your diamond? No? Then you need to set out a strategy well in advance of your purchase. Then you need to be sure and stick to your plan .. buying strategy.

Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy colored natural diamonds belong in a different league than do white. Colored stones also make a much better investment. When color raises the price .. fancy colors

Jewelry Settings

Settings are much more than just pretty frames. They either protect or fail to protect your investment. Look at the .. functions of a setting

Diamond Cutting

Diamond is the hardest natural substance know. But if a diamond is so hard, how do they cut them? Some often frustrating attempts to explain technical aspects of .. cutting diamond crystals

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