Carbon Fiber Car Rear View Mirror Rain Eyebrow Guard (Black)

Carbon Fiber Car Rear View Mirror Rain Eyebrow Guard (Black)

Price: $4.69
(as of Mar 31,2023 09:13:19 UTC – Details)

The Ultimate Solution for Safe Driving: The Car Rearview Mirror Rain and Waterproof Cover

Are you tired of struggling with blurry, wet rearview mirrors on rainy days? Do you worry about your safety while driving in heavy rains? Look no further! The Car Rearview Mirror Rain and Waterproof Cover is the ultimate solution to your problems!

High Quality Material for All Weather Conditions

The Car Rearview Mirror Rain and Waterproof Cover is made of high-quality PVC plastic, which is soft and flexible, yet strong and durable. It can withstand any bad weather conditions, like rainy, sunny, or snowy days. It effectively blocks rainwater from getting into your rearview mirror, making your driving vision clearer and safer.

Easy Installation: Just Peel and Stick

The Car Rearview Mirror Rain and Waterproof Cover is very easy to install. All you need to do is peel off the tape and stick it on the rearview mirror that needs to be installed. Before installation, make sure to wipe your rearview mirror clean, then heat the tape with a hair dryer for better adhesion. Once installed, it will be very firm and stay in place.

Product Parameters

Material: ABS

Package: 2Pcs car rearview mirror rain eyebrow

Safe Driving: Clear Vision in Rainy Conditions

Car rearview mirror rain cover can prevent your rearview mirror from blurring when it rains or snows heavily. It provides a clear vision and improves the safety of driving on rainy days. You no longer have to worry about struggling to see through a wet and blurry rearview mirror while driving and risking your safety on the road.

Practical and Beautiful

The Car Rearview Mirror Rain and Waterproof Cover is not only practical but also beautiful. It effectively prevents mirror scratches and scratches, protects your car rearview mirror. Driving in rainy days without seeing the rearview mirror is a big hidden danger to our safety, but the weatherboard helps keep out the rain, giving you a clearer rearview. It is practical and adds an elegant look to your car.

Easy to Install: No more Hassle

Installation is a breeze! Our rearview mirror rain cover has tape on the back, with a mixed adhesive that is very sticky but does not leave marks. Make sure to clean the rearview mirror before sticking it, and install it when it is dry and dust-free. It takes less than five minutes to install properly, and it is ready to use immediately.

Wide Application: Fits Most Car Models

Car rearview mirror rain cover can be widely used in most car models, including trucks, buses, tractors, SUVs, motorcycles, and more. It is a universal design that fits most car models and can be easily customized to fit your specific rearview mirror size and shape.


The Car Rearview Mirror Rain and Waterproof Cover is a must-have accessory for any car owner who values safety, convenience, and style. It is a simple yet effective solution to a common problem that many drivers face while driving in adverse weather conditions. It is an affordable and practical accessory that protects your rearview mirror and improves your driving experience. Order yours today and take your driving to the next level!

Pros Cons
High-quality material May not fit all car models
Easy installation Requires proper cleaning before installation
Provides clear vision in rainy conditions Not suitable for extreme weather conditions
Protects your rearview mirror May affect the aerodynamics of your car
Practical and stylish design May require replacement after prolonged use



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