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  • Delancey Street is a premier small business lender, based out of NYC, that has helped broker 100's of millions in business loans. They are a pro, at making sure you get all of your financing needs satisfied.

    • Over $200 million in funding secured
    • Can handle low risk credit
    • Handles all industries
    • Handles high risk and low risk loans

Delancey Street is a premier small business lender, based out of NYC, that has helped broker 100's of millions in business loans. They are a pro, at making sure you get all of your financing needs satisfied.

  • Over $200 million in funding secured
  • Can handle low risk credit
  • Handles all industries
  • Handles high risk and low risk loans
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Starting and running a small business is never an easy feat. There are countless obstacles that may stand in the way of success, and obtaining funding is one of them. Luckily, there are options available for small business owners who need financing to grow their companies. One such option in Winston Salem is small business loans.

Small business loans can provide a much-needed injection of capital to help take your business to the next level. These loans can be used for anything from purchasing equipment to hiring employees, and they offer a flexible repayment plan that suits your needs. But how do you know if a small business loan is right for you?

The benefits of small business loans are clear: they can provide you with the cash flow needed to fuel growth, and they often have lower interest rates than other forms of financing. However, before you apply for a small business loan in Winston-Salem, it’s important to evaluate whether it’s a wise financial decision for your business.

Let’s dive deeper into what goes into getting a small business loan in Winston-Salem, and how it can potentially revitalize your business.

Why get a Small Business Loan?

Small business loans are a great option for those looking to expand their business or cover unexpected expenses. As mentioned earlier, it’s no secret that starting a small business is incredibly challenging, often due to limited funding. Securing a small business loan can be just the thing to help entrepreneurs start a new business, improve operations or upgrade storefronts. The opportunities that arise from such investments can end up generating substantial revenue and allowing businesses to thrive.

The application process involves evaluating what would satisfy the prospective lenders to give this much-desired loan. Lenders examine aspects like debt-to-income ratio, credit history, collateral (real estate, inventory, or machinery), and overall financial health. One prominent advantage of opting for a small business loan is that even business owners with less-than-stellar credit scores may qualify, though terms and interest rates might be less favorable.

What are the benefits of getting a Winston Salem Small Business Loan?

As previously mentioned, a small business loan is one of the most efficient methods for a business owner to improve their operation or begin fresh endeavors. Here are specific benefits that you can expect if you invest in one:

1. Flexibility:

Working with a small business lender can provide financial assistance that meets specific needs of operators across various industry sectors. From upgrading equipment and software to lease improvements or realty purchases, whichever need dictates the loan amount, lenders are willing to help.

2. Lower Interest Rates:

Small business loans come with competitive low-interest rates, often considerably lower than those corresponding to credit cards, bank overdrafts, and installment loans. This lower rate will allow borrowers to save money over time, reinvest it into their business, and maximize profit margins.

3. Easier repayment terms:

Small business financing comes with flexible repayment schedules and numerous ways to repay (such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments). The payment schedule should reflect the income flow of the company, which enables the borrower to manage their cash flows while making timely payments promptly.

4. Long-term benefits:

Investing a small business loan can pay off significant dividends over time, helping entrepreneurs to cover on-going expenses like marketing, advertising and build an excellent brand name in the community.

5. Quick access to funds:

The application process from pre-approval to receiving the funds couldn’t be more effortless with several options available for processing applications comprehensively online. Some lenders can fund a loan within only two days after being approved.

Aren’t Small Business Loans Risky?

It’s fair to say that taking out credit always comes with inherent risks. Without taking precautions and utilizing sound judgment when accepting funds’, there could be negative impacts on your credit score or even lead to missed payments. However, an optimal approach to maximizing benefits and minimizing risks is exercising caution and making sure that you are aware of the terms, interest rates, and penalties before taking a loan.

How can Winston-Salem Small Business Loans benefit my company?

Winston-Salem small business loans can help your business take a massive jump from the very start with the much-required funding! It may also provide answers to specific problems like cash flow issues, office expansion, new projects, payroll dilemmas, marketing investments, or even venturing on new products/services lines. A small business loan proves integral in improving productivity, growth opportunities, and servicing customers better.

What are some credible lending sources that support Small Businesses in Winston-Salem?

Several lending organizations exist explicitly focused on helping entrepreneurs get access to quick, reliable, and affordable loans. These lenders understand the business owner’s struggles and the importance of a timely response to their dire financial needs. Below are three remarkable institutions supporting entrepreneurs in Winston-Salem:

1) The Winston-Salem Community Credit Union
Founded in 1955, this community credit union has provided loans to small businesses since its inception in the same year. They offer competitive rates and flexible payment conditions, including payment deferment options.

2) Carolina Small Business Development Fund
Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF) helps small businesses by providing, lending services to startups, early-stage entrepreneurs, and minority-owned companies. This organization also offers personalized counseling services, educational training, and microloans.

3) North State Bank
North State Bank is a local commercial banking solution that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in areas underserved by larger banks. The bank prides itself on its close ties to its clients and being able to identify their unique challenges to better prioritize their needs.


Small business loans are an excellent asset for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business or alleviate financial stress. With low-interest rates, flexible repayment schedules and quick access to funds are becoming immensely popular. So, whether you’ve just started your business or you’re looking to scale up, many options are available in Winston-Salem to jumpstart your success!


The Winston-Salem Community Credit Union:

Carolina Small Business Development Fund:

North State Bank:

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