Best Truck Bed Adjustable Cargo Bar

as of April 3, 2023 8:33 pm
as of April 3, 2023 8:33 pm
as of April 3, 2023 8:33 pm
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Maximize Your Truck’s Cargo Space with the Best Bed Adjustable Cargo Bar

Do you own a truck and always find yourself needing more storage space in your truck bed? An adjustable cargo bar may be just the thing you need to maximize your carrying capacity! These simple yet effective cargo bars are an affordable solution that can help you securely transport goods that would otherwise shift or slide around while driving.

What is an Adjustable Cargo Bar?

An adjustable cargo bar is a telescoping, lightweight metal bar that spans across the width of your truck bed, which can be extended to perfectly fit between the sides of your vehicle. They’re designed to keep your cargo from shifting during travel by providing resistance and support against objects within the bed.

The Advantages of an Adjustable Cargo Bar

When it comes to carrying goods on the road, there’s no better way than to use a cargo bar for support. Compared to other methods, an adjustable cargo bar offers various advantages:

1. Versatility: These bars can accommodate multiple sizes of trucks because they are adjustable in length.

2. Durable: Strong and sturdy, these bars can handle heavy loads and won’t rust or corrode over time.

3. Cost-Effective: Unlike other storage solutions, adjustable cargo bars are an affordable investment that is built to last.

4. Time Saver: A simple product that only takes a matter of seconds to install, which enables you to spend the remaining time focusing on what you want to carry with you.

Cargo Bar Material and Design Options

The majority of adjustable cargo bars available on the market today are made of either aluminum or steel, and available various designs. The most popular design features a bolt-adjustment mechanism that enables you to fit the bar precisely into the bed of your vehicle.

Aluminum Cargo Bar

Aluminum cargo bars are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for use in most working conditions. They won’t rust or corrode, so they can be used without worrying about the weather conditions or extensive use.

Steel Cargo Bar

Steel cargo bars provide more support than aluminum options and will withstand heavier items frequently transported on your truck bed. Steel is a heavy-duty material that’s perfect for those who require an adjustable bar to hold up against frequent use and/or very heavy weights.

Design Options

In addition to selecting the material for your cargo bar, you’ll also have various design choices to select from. The two primary design options are standard and ratcheting.

1. Standard: This design uses a bolt-adjustment mechanism and is the most commonly utilized option. Simply twist the adjustment knob to alter the length, then place the end caps in position to keep the bar secure.

2. Ratcheting: This type of adjustment mechanism features a lever that engages a series of teeth located in the bar. To tighten and fix the bar in place, push the lever down until it is appropriately placed.


An adjustable cargo bar is a great addition to any truck bed that’ll allow you to carry goods securely and safely. By choosing the right cargo bar made out of premium materials to suit your needs, you’ll ensure your investment lasts for years while providing the necessary support to transport all your equipment with ease!

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