Best Tens Units For Back Pain

Last updated on April 24, 2023 4:00 pm

Obtain Relief from Back Pain with the Best TENS Units

Are you searching for an effective way to alleviate your back pain? TENS units might be the solution you need. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is a type of therapy that utilizes low-voltage electrical currents to relieve pain.

TENS units are becoming increasingly popular because they are non-invasive, easy to use and quite practical. Here we present to you some of the best TENS units for back pain – units that can help you achieve the relief that you need.

What are TENS Units?

Many therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists recommend TENS units as a way of providing pain relief without resorting to drugs. By sending small electrical pulses to the skin through electrodes, TENS units target the affected nerves and, ultimately, alleviate the pain signals that are sent to the brain, preventing pain from intensifying.

Ten Best TENS Units for Back Pain

We have provided a list of the top ten TENS units for back pain that you can choose from:

1. Pure Enrichment Pure Pulse Pro

This powerful TENS unit comes with a large LCD screen that is backlit, enabling you to customize your therapy easily. It is powerful, portable, and offers 25 different intensity levels. With eight electrode pads and two lead connection cables, you can target multiple areas of your back pain simultaneously.

2. Omron Pocket Pain Pro

Omron Pocket Pain Pro is portable and easy to carry. This TENS unit comes with six preset programs and six additional treatment modes. The device is so small that you can attach it to your belt or fit it inside your pocket, ensuring that you can take it with you wherever you go.

3. HealthMateForever YK15AB

With its large, easy-to-read display and two outputs, the HealthMateForever YK15AB is an excellent choice to relieve lower back pain. It offers nine preset modes, 15 levels of intensity, and can easily target multiple areas of pain.

4. iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit

With its dual channels, this TENS unit offers both TENS and EMS modes in one device. iReliev offers 14 pre-programmed therapy modes, 25 levels of intensity, and a lock function to help maintain your desired settings. The device is one of the most versatile on the market.

5. TechCare Plus 24 TENS Unit

The TechCare Plus 24 is an extremely lightweight device that offers 24 pre-programmed massage modes to help relieve all kinds of back pain. The user can easily choose a specific program, adjust the speed, and select the timer, which can run for up to 60 minutes.

6. Auvon Dual Channel TENS Unit

Equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the Auvon Dual Channel TENS Unit offers fifteen different pre-programmed modes that target pain in multiple areas of the body, including the lower back. This TENS unit features a backlit LCD screen for convenient use, making it easy to see in any lighting conditions.


The NURSAL TENS Unit has an extra-large display that is easy to read and navigate. It features ten pre-programmed massage modes and twenty levels of intensity, making it perfect for anyone who needs to frequently change settings.

8. iSTIM EV-805 TENS Unit

The iSTIM EV-805 TENS unit is a highly versatile electrical stimulation device that comes with eight mode selections and 20 levels of intensity. The device uses two lead wires, which means that you are able to target two pain points at the same time.


The Tec.Bean TENS Unit offers fourteen different massage modes, and twenty levels of intensity, making it highly adjustable for back pain sufferers. This device is lightweight and compact, making it easy for you to bring it with you wherever you go.

10. AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Unit

AccuRelief TENS Unit is easy to use and comes with a simple interface and pre-programmed settings. This device has sixteen levels of intensity that can be adjusted easily to provide relief to your lower back pain.


TENS units are an effective and safe way of reducing back pain without resorting to medication. Whether through the use of portable or larger devices, these units can help relieve back pain and improve one’s overall quality of life. Choose the device that speaks to you and start experience relief from back pain today!

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