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Top Same Supplements for Improving Mood and Joint Health

S-Adenosyl methionine (SAMe) is a compound found naturally in the body that has been used as a dietary supplement since the late 1990s. It is known for its potential to improve mood and joint health. SAMe works by donating methyl groups to other molecules in the body, which plays a vital role in numerous biochemical reactions.

1. Nature Made SAM-e Complete

Name Ingredients Dosage Price ($)
Nature Made SAM-e Complete SAM-e, B-vitamins, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), methylfolate, methylcobalamin, betaine anhydrous 400mg 49.99

Nature Made SAM-e Complete is a popular choice among consumers due to its high potency and inclusion of additional ingredients such as B-vitamins and N-acetyl cysteine. The recommended dosage is 400mg, taken on an empty stomach. It is important to note that SAMe can interact with certain medications, so it is essential to speak with a healthcare provider before starting supplementation.

2. Jarrow Formulas SAM-e

Name Ingredients Dosage Price ($)
Jarrow Formulas SAM-e SAM-e in the form of tosylate disulfate 400mg 19.99

Another popular option is Jarrow Formulas SAM-e, which utilizes tosylate disulfate as its active form. This supplement is vegan-friendly and does not contain any additional ingredients aside from the SAMe itself. The recommended dosage is also 400mg, taken on an empty stomach.

3. Life Extension SAM-e

Name Ingredients Dosage Price ($)
Life Extension SAM-e SAM-e, cellulose, methacrylic acid copolymer, glyceryl behenate, silica, triethyl citrate, stearic acid, calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, iron oxide 400mg 39.00

Life Extension SAM-e is a highly rated supplement that contains additional ingredients such as cellulose and methacrylic acid copolymer to improve absorption. This supplement also uses the active form of SAMe known as tosylate disulfate. The recommended dosage is 400mg, taken on an empty stomach.

Benefits of SAMe Supplementation

SAMe has been studied for its potential mood-elevating effects and its ability to improve joint health. Here are some of the benefits:

Improves Mood and Reduces Symptoms Associated with Depression

SAMe plays a crucial role in the production and breakdown of certain neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Low levels of these neurotransmitters have been linked to depression and other mood disorders. Studies have shown that SAMe can help increase the production of these neurotransmitters which may lead to an improvement in symptoms associated with depression.

May Help Improve Joint Health and Reduce Inflammation

SAMe has been examined for its possible use in treating osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that can lead to pain, stiffness, and inflammation. According to some research, SAMe may contribute to the formation of cartilage, which is a vital component of healthy joints. Supplementation with SAMe has also been shown to reduce inflammation, further contributing to joint health.

May Benefit Liver Health

The liver uses SAMe in numerous biochemical pathways. Therefore, supplementation with SAMe may play a part in improving liver function. Some early research suggests it could be useful in the treatment of liver diseases such as cholestasis.

Taking SAMe Supplements the Right Way

SAMe supplements are generally considered safe when taken at recommended dosages. It is important to talk to your healthcare provider before beginning any new supplement regimen. SAMe should not be used as a replacement for antidepressant medication or as a standalone treatment for any medical condition. SAMe should be taken on an empty stomach to ensure maximum absorption.

Side Effects of SAMe Supplementation

While SAMe is generally considered safe, some individuals may experience minor side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, and dry mouth. High doses of SAMe could result in more severe side effects such as anxiety, mania, heart palpitations, and sweating. It is essential to speak with a healthcare provider before taking SAMe supplements since they can interact with certain medications like antidepressants.

Final Thoughts

SAMe supplements are an excellent natural option for people looking to improve their mood and joint health due to its potential benefits. Nature Made SAM-e Complete, Jarrow Formulas SAM-e, and Life Extension SAM-e are all excellent options. It is critical always to start low and go slow when taking any new supplement while seeking the advice of doctors and other health professionals when necessary.

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