Best Raspberry Pi Handheld Kit

Last updated on June 3, 2023 10:58 am

Experience the Ultimate Portability with the Best Raspberry Pi Handheld Kit

Are you looking for a way to take your Raspberry Pi hobby on the go? Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a DIY hobbyist, having a handheld kit is an excellent investment that can add convenience to your project. In this article, we will discuss the best Raspberry Pi handheld kit that combines functionality and portability.

The Benefits of a Raspberry Pi Handheld Kit

A handheld kit allows you to use your Raspberry Pi board on the go without the need of bulky monitors, keyboards, and mouse. With a Raspberry Pi handheld kit, you can:

– Experiment anywhere: With a portable handheld kit, you can experiment at home, in the local café, park, or on the train.

– Save space: A handheld kit saves space because you don’t have to deal with wires, monitors, and other peripherals.

– Take advantage of the full potential of your Raspberry Pi: You can create incredible projects while having full access to your Raspberry Pi’s features.

The List of the Best Raspberry Pi Handheld Kits

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the top Raspberry Pi handheld kits in the market that offers functionality, affordability, and portability.

1. SunFounder Raspberry Pi Handheld Game Console

Looking for a kit that offers gaming as well? The SunFounder Raspberry Pi Handheld Game Console is perfect for you. This kit comes with a 5-inch screen, a joystick, six built-in buttons, and two shoulder buttons. It also includes a 64GB microSD card that includes ten classic retro games such as Quake III, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and more.

One great feature of SunFounder is that you can customize the console by programming and adding more games. It has an open-source platform, making it ideal for developers and DIY enthusiasts.

2. Pi-Top 4

The Pi-Top4 is the fourth iteration of Pi-Top’s modular computers, and it’s the most versatile handheld kit so far. It comes with a 14-inch Full HD screen and a sliding keyboard that provides additional space for customization. The Pi-Top 4 utilizes a Raspberry Pi 4 board, guaranteeing reliability and full access to your project.

One exciting feature of Pi-Top 4 is its Modulo feature that allows you to add or remove parts based on your needs. You can add extra features such as speakers, prototyping boards, and sensors.

3. CrowPi2

Another excellent raspberry pi handheld kit is the CrowPi2. This kit targets educational purposes by providing all the essential tools required for electronic learning. It includes up to 22 modules/components such as a mini HD screen, a camera module, a speaker, and a buzzzer.

The CrowPi2 also comes with lessons and tutorials on how to experiment with each module’s features. This way, students can learn about electronics, programming, and science while developing their problem-solving skills.

Raspberry Pi Handheld Kits Main Features Pros Cons
SunFounder Raspberry Pi Handheld Game Console · 5-inch screen
· Included 64GB microSD with retro games pre-installed
· Joystick and six built-in buttons
· Extra customizations
· Open-sourced
· Compatible with more than ten emulators
· No built-in battery
· Cannot connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot
Pi-Top 4 · 14-inch Full HD display
· Sliding Keyboard
· Modulo feature for customization
· Versatile and upgradable
· Durable build quality
· Ideal for coding projects
· Expensive
· Short battery life
CrowPi2 · Up to 22 separate modules/components
· Educational content included
· Tested and validated by Indiegogo
· Beginner/student-friendly
· Huge software library
· The free online resource center available
· Lacks an HDMI output
· CrowPi case makes it difficult to access the GPIO pins

The Bottom Line

A Raspberry Pi handheld kit brings convenience, portability, and versatility to your projects. With these three Raspberry Pi handheld kits, you can experiment with gaming, education, science or any project while on the go.

Investing in a Raspberry Pi handheld kit is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, prototype ideas, and enjoy your hobby without leaving the comfort of your home.

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