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Last updated on April 3, 2023 5:16 am

Revolutionize Your Typing Experience with These Best Optical Keyboards


Are you tired of the mushy and uncomfortable key presses of your current keyboard? Enter the world of optical keyboards, which offer a smoother typing experience. Unlike traditional mechanical keyboards, optical keyboards use light to register key presses, making them more durable and precise.

What are Optical Keyboards?

Optical keyboards are one of the latest advancements in keyboard technology. They work by using infrared beams to detect the actuation of keys instead of physical switches in traditional mechanical keyboards. This reduces the time gap between pressing a key and registering it. Optical switches also come with a longer life span compared to the average mechanical switches – up to 100 million keystrokes – meaning that they can last for many years without any need for replacement.

Advantages of Optical Keyboards

Optical keyboards have numerous advantages that make them better alternatives to traditional mechanical keyboards. Here are some of them:

– Faster key registration: As there are no physical contacts or moving parts, optical keyboards register keypresses much faster than traditional mechanical keyboards.

– Durability: Traditional mechanical keyboards typically have around 50 million keystrokes lifespan. But as for optical keyboards, their uninterrupted light beam detection system means that they may have up to 100 million keystrokes lifespan.

– Precision: The lack of physical contacts and high actuation points means that your accuracy increases significantly while using optical keyboards.

– Quieter typers: The noise level of typing on an optical keyboard is often lower than that of a mechanical keyboard because it doesn’t produce a distinct click when you type – this makes them perfect for shared office spaces or libraries.

Optical Keyboard Keystrokes Lifespan Price
Logitech G915 TKL 50 million $229.99
Razer Huntsman Elite 100 million $199.99
SteelSeries Apex Pro 100 million $199.99

Top Optical Keyboards on the Market

1. Logitech G915 TKL

The Logitech G915 TKL is a mechanical gaming keyboard with modern features and design. It has a sleek and minimalistic build that is appealing to the eyes. The keyboard comes in two variants – clicky and linear switches to choose from. Despite its thinness, it also comes with every feature necessary for gaming and typists enthusiasts.

The keyboard utilizes GX Blue clicky switches, creating a notable sound when you press down on the keys. You get a level of feedback that loud-click fans will get exhilarated about.

2. Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razer Huntsman Elite is a gaming keyboard equipped with the Razer’s proprietary optical switches. It also has dedicated media keys and USB, and a wrist pad for more convenient typing, making it one of the best keyboards on the market today. The keyboard’s wrist pad provides comfortability during long hours of use, reducing the risk of contracting wrist pains.

It comes with two types of switches; clicky and linear. The switches have an actuation point of 1.5mm, which is approximately 30% faster than traditional mechanical keyboards.

3. SteelSeries Apex Pro

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is one innovative keyBoard that includes software to change actuation (that is, how deep a press is needed to register) settings dynamically depending on the specific game you’re playing. Therefore, it’s possible to adjust the responsiveness to meet the title you’re playing continually.

The customization options make it a great keyboard for gamers, while its durability makes it a reliable choice for all kinds of typists.


If you want a high-quality typing experience, then it’s time for you to switch from the traditional mechanical keyboards to these modern optical keyboards. Optical keyboards offer more durability, speed, less noise, and accuracy, making them a preferred option by many professionals as they allow for longer and smoother typing sessions. Consider investing in Logitech G915 TKL, Razer Huntsman Elite or SteelSeries Apex Pro for a remarkable typing experience.

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