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Last updated on March 22, 2023 8:00 am

The Top Laptop Skin Brands That Will Revolutionize Your Look

Laptop skins have become the new facet of style in the tech world. While laptops come in a chic, sleek design that looks good on their own, putting an extra layer of laptop skin will make your device stand out.
Without further ado, let’s dive into the best laptop skin brands in the market.

1. Dbrand

If you’re looking for premium quality laptop skins with impressive textures and designs, look no further than Dbrand. This brand guarantees its customers precisely die-cut skins, which guarantee the perfect fit for any laptop. Dbrand is well known for revolutionizing the skin industry with their high-quality vinyl skin products.

• High-quality vinyl skins.
• Huge color and texture selection.
• The skins do not leave residue when removed from a laptop.
• Perfect fitting skins.
• Lacks visual descriptions on the website.
• Only caters to specific laptop models.

2. DecalGirl

DecalGirl offers thousands of laptop skins, including licensed artwork from major franchises like the NBA, MLB, and Star Wars. The vibrant colors and captivating designs will undoubtedly captivate any customer. This company helps customers express themselves with custom labels, making it a fan favorite among gamers and artists alike.

• Offers thousands of decal skins with over 15000 pieces of art.
• Customizable label maker for personalized skin designs.
• Covers more than just laptops including gaming consoles, phones and much more.
• Doesn’t offer specific fit to laptops.
• Some experiences with incorrect fitting and lots of bubbles reported by customers.

3. Skinit

Skinit is a brand that boasts high-quality adhesive stickers for all kinds of devices including laptops. They were one of the first companies in the skin industry, which guarantees their experience as ancient. The quality of their products speaks for itself. Most importantly, you can make your skin unique by uploading and customizing any design you want.

•Multiple styles and customizable options.
•High-quality and durable adhesives
•Easy to install without leaving sticky residue
•Precise cutouts and accurate fit.
•Some complaints that the adhesive doesn’t stick on some laptop surfaces.
• Many skins cater only to specific laptop models
• High prices for some designs

The Takeaway

There’s no competition when it comes to laptop styles; however, adding an extra layer of individuality never hurts anyone. Deciding on which laptop skin brand to choose can be challenging since certain factors need consideration like precision fit, adhesive quality, customization options, and many others. The brands mentioned above are among the best laptop skin brands in terms of offering the highest quality, designs and fitting of their products. It’s up to you to decide which brand to select for your laptop and how best to express yourself.

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