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as of March 22, 2023 7:17 pm
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Discovering the Best Lapis Lazuli Stones

The Beauty and Charm of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone that has been prized for its indigo color and metaphysical properties. The deep blue tint of lapis lazuli stones gives them an elegant and royal look, making them popular among gemstone collectors.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, lapis lazuli stones are believed to have healing power and spiritual significance. They are associated with wisdom, truth, and intuition. Lapis lazuli stones are also thought to promote inner peace and enhance communication skills.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

When selecting a lapis lazuli stone, several factors must be taken into account to get the best quality available. These factors include:


The color of lapis lazuli determines its beauty and value. High-quality lapis lazuli gemstones should have a deep blue hue with minimal variations. A vivid blue shade with a hint of violet and green is regarded as the most exceptional quality.


Lapis lazuli stones should have little to no inclusion visible to the naked eye in their natural form. The ideal lapis lazuli gemstone appears clean and clear with only a few pyrite specks, known as ‘fool’s gold.’


The weight of lapis lazuli varies depending on the size and density of the stone. It is advisable to opt for a stone with a medium weight to receive the best durability and attractiveness.

Shape and Cut

Lapis lazuli stones come in various shapes and cuts, from traditional rounds to unconventional freeform cuts. Quality lapis lazuli stones are well-polished, well-proportioned with a symmetrical appearance, and smooth to the touch.

The Best Lapis Lazuli Stones

After considering these factors, here are the three best lapis lazuli gemstones:

Stone Name Color Clarity Weight in carats Cut type
Afghan Lapis Lazuli Royal Blue Minimal Inclusion 5-15 Hexagonal or Rounded
Chilean Lapis Lazuli Purpleish Blue No visible inclusion 1 – 6 Different types of cut
Russian Lapis Lazuli Vibrant Blue Little visible inclusion 12 or above Faceted or Oval

Afghan Lapis Lazuli

Afghan lapis lazuli is a rare type of lapis lazuli known for its high-quality and rich color. The stone’s deep blue color draws attention and gives it an attractive and sophisticated look, making it the most sought after among gemstone collectors. Afghan lapis lazuli stones come in different shapes and sizes, and their color and clarity make them highly valuable.

Chilean Lapis Lazuli

Chilean lapis lazuli is another excellent option when looking for the best lapis lazuli gemstones. The stone features a unique purpleish-blue color that sets it apart from other types of lapis lazuli. Chilean lapis lazuli is also relatively affordable compared to Afghan lapis lazuli, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a cheaper alternative.

Russian Lapis Lazuli

Russian lapis lazuli is known for its deep, vibrant blue hue and exceptional clarity. The stone originates from Siberia and is often found in large masses, making it ideal for sculpting and carving. Russian lapis lazuli stones are well-polished and take on a beautiful shine with brilliant reflections.

In conclusion,

Choosing the best lapis lazuli gemstone requires knowledge of essential factors such as color, weight, cut type, and clarity. For the most exquisite stones, Afghan lapis lazuli, Chilean lapis lazuli, and Russian lapis lazuli are excellent options to consider. Acquiring one of these gemstones can be a satisfying and fulfilling experience, whether for collecting or for enhancing your spiritual practices.

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