Best Lace Wig Adhesive For Long Term Wear

Last updated on March 21, 2023 9:26 pm

The Ultimate Solution for Long-Term Wig Wear – Best Lace Wig Adhesive

If you are looking for a solution to keep your wig securely in place for an extended period, a lace wig adhesive is what you need. Whether you prefer a bold look or just want to achieve a natural hairline, choosing the best lace wig adhesive is crucial.

What is a Lace Wig Adhesive?

A lace wig adhesive is a bonding agent used to attach your lace front wig onto your scalp. It can help keep your wig in place for weeks, even with frequent washes and active lifestyles. Unlike hair glue, a good wig adhesive is specially formulated not to damage the hair or scalp.

Choose from two types of lace wig adhesives: tape and liquid. Tape adhesives are pre-cut and easy to use, while liquid adhesives require more skill to apply but allow for a stronger bond.

Why Choose a Lace Wig Adhesive for Long-Term Wear?

Lace wig adhesives provide numerous benefits for long-term wig wearers:

1. Secure hold: Achieve a natural-looking hold with a lace wig adhesive that won’t budge, no matter how much you sweat or move around.

2. Easy to use: Most lace wig adhesives come with clear instructions on how to apply them. For beginners, however, it’s best to start with tape adhesives before graduating to liquids.

3. Hypoallergenic: Quality lace wig adhesives are free from harsh chemicals, making them safe for those with sensitive skin.

4. Comfortable: If applied correctly, lace wig adhesives should feel seamless on the scalp, allowing for comfortable all-day wear.

The Top Lace Wig Adhesives for Long-Term Wear

Name Type Hold time
Walker Tape Ultra Hold Liquid 4+ weeks
Got2B Ultra Glued Gel 1-2 weeks
Supertape Roll or Strips 2-4 weeks
Scotch Double Sided Tape Tape 2-3 days

1. Walker Tape Ultra Hold Liquid Adhesive

If you want a strong and reliable hold, Walker Tape Ultra Hold is a popular choice. This liquid adhesive can keep your wig in place for up to four weeks, even during active pursuits. Its waterproof formula also means you can swim and shower with confidence.

2. Got2B Ultra Glued Gel

Got2B Ultra Glued is a water-resistant hair gel that’s perfect for attaching frontals, lace front wigs, and other hairpieces. The gel dries clear and comes with a precision tip applicator that makes it easier to apply.

3. Supertape Roll or Strips

Looking for an easy-to-use tape adhesive? Supertape comes in rolls or strips and is gentle on the scalp yet delivers a firm bond that lasts for two to four weeks. It’s hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin, and can withstand sweat and water.

4. Scotch Double-Sided Tape

Scotch Double-Sided Tape is another affordable and readily available option. While not specifically designed for wigs, it’s double-sided and can bond hair systems to the scalp for up to three days. It’s best used as a temporary solution between applications of more robust adhesives.

Tips for Applying Lace Wig Adhesive

Before applying any adhesive, make sure your scalp is clean and dry. Apply a scalp protector if you’re prone to irritation.

For liquid adhesives, apply a thin layer of adhesive onto your scalp and wait for it to dry until it’s tacky. Then, carefully place the wig onto the scalp and press it down.

For tape adhesives, cut the tape into the desired shape and place it onto the hairline or nape area. Then, remove the protective backing and attach the wig onto the sticky side of the tape.


Choosing the best lace wig adhesive is crucial to achieving a natural-looking hold that lasts for weeks. Whether you prefer a liquid, gel, or tape adhesive, there is no shortage of options on the market. With proper application, you can achieve effortless, realistic-looking hairstyles that look and feel like your natural hair.

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