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Boost Your Boat’s Performance with the Best Kicker Motor Bracket

As a passionate boater, you know that the right equipment is critical to a successful and enjoyable trip on the water. One of the essential pieces of equipment for your boat is a kicker motor bracket. A high-quality kicker motor bracket provides a firm and secure footing for the auxiliary motor and improves your boat’s overall performance.

The Benefits of a Kicker Motor Bracket

A kicker motor bracket is an essential tool for all types of boats- fishing boats, pleasure craft, or work boats. It provides several benefits you shouldn’t overlook:

1. Improves Fuel Efficiency

A kicker motor bracket allows you to use a smaller auxiliary motor to support the main engine, improving fuel efficiency. This feature can save you significant expenses on fuel costs.

2. Increases Boat Control and Stability

With an extra motor, you’ll enjoy better control and stability around the docks or even in drift-fishing situations. The power from the additional motor keeps the boat in position, providing dependable and trustworthy performance.

3. Extends Main Engine Life

When trolling for fish on inland waterways with a larger boat, your primary engine may be running above its normal operating range, resulting in increased wear and tear. With a kicker bracket, you can slow down and stay in operation longer, minimizing undue strain on your main engine.

4. Versatility

A kicker bracket also serves as a backup motor in case of an emergency. It can also come in handy when manoeuvring in tight spaces such as a marina or during difficult weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Kicker Motor Bracket

Finding the ideal kicker motor bracket for your boat requires careful consideration of your boat’s size, weight, and horsepower. You should also consider the auxiliary motor’s weight and size alongside the type and size of the transom.

1. The Material
Kick motor brackets come in a range of different materials: stainless steel, aluminium, or composite material. Although all options are durable and effective, Stainless steel models are the most robust and most likely to last for the boat’s lifetime.

2. Size And Capacity

Choosing an adequately sized kicker bracket is key, ensuring proper weight transfer to the transom. Picking one with inadequate load capacity may lead to damage to the transom mounting area. Therefore, you should ensure that the maximum weight and horsepower capacity of the bracket matches or exceeds your auxiliary motor.

3. Style/Type

The design of the kicker motor bracket plays a vital role in the boat’s overall appearance and its functionality. Different styles include a fixed-height bracket, adjustable or folding bracket. A fixed-height bracket is best for boats with limited extra space, while the adjustable types allow customization depending on the need. A folding bracket is best suited for vessels with limited deck space also.

The Best Kicker Motor Brackets on the Market

Now that we have identified the essential factors to consider let’s discuss some of the best kick motor brackets available:

Brand Material Category
Panther Aluminium, heavy duty stainless steel Adjustable
Garelick EEz-In Stainless steel Folding
Brocraft Aluminum, stainless steel Adjustable, folding
Attwood Heavy duty stainless steel Folding
Pontoon Boat Outfitters Stainless steel Fixed

The Final Word

Kicking motors are crucial for boaters who want efficient and safe operation on the water. Investing in a high-quality kicker motor bracket will enhance your boat’s performance, giving you more confidence out on the water. When selecting the right kicker motor bracket for your boat, don’t forget to consider factors such as size, material, and weight capacity. Finally, choose one that matches your budget without compromising on quality or functionality.

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