Best Honing Stone For Straight Razor

Last updated on May 25, 2023 8:49 pm

Choosing the Best Honing Stone for Your Straight Razor

Straight razors require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition and provide a close shave. Honing is one of the most critical aspects of razor maintenance, and choosing the right honing stone can make all the difference.

What to Consider When Selecting a Honing Stone

When shopping for a honing stone, you want to consider the following:

Factors to consider Description
Grit Size The grit size refers to the coarseness of the stone surface. The lower the number, the more aggressive the sharpening and refining will be.
Stone Type There are several types of honing stones, including synthetic, natural, soft, and hard stones.
Stone Size and Shape Honing stones come in various sizes and shapes. You need to select a honing stone that matches the width of your straight blade razor.
Price The cost of the honing stone varies significantly based on the type and quality of the material. Some stones are more durable and long-lasting than others, while others may require more frequent replacements.

Types of Honing Stones

There are three main types of honing stones: synthetic, natural, and diamond.

Synthetic Honing Stones

Synthetic honing stones are made with man-made abrasive materials, such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or ceramic. These stones tend to be less expensive than natural stones, and they come in a variety of grits for various honing tasks. Synthetic honing stones are also more consistent in their coarseness and hardness, which makes achieving a uniform edge easier.

Natural Honing Stones

Natural honing stones are derived from nature and come in different types like oilstones, whetstones, and Arkansas stones. These stones offer a relatively more significant range of different grit sizes and densities to choose from. They also tend to be pricier because they are rare and challenging to find. Most natural stones often require “preparation” or flattening their surface before honing the blade for optimal results.

Diamond Honing Stones

While diamond honing stones are not as common as synthetic or natural honing stones, it doesn’t mean they are not effective. It is made of hard industrial diamonds adhered to a metal plate. The diamond grit size is incredibly fine, which allows them to hone the razor’s edge smoothly.


Whether you’re a professional barber or use a straight razor at home, choosing the right honing stone is critical to keeping your razor sharp and functioning correctly. Consider the type of stone, the grit size, the shape and size of the honing stone and of course, your budget.

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