Best Ford F150 Spacers

Last updated on April 24, 2023 4:00 pm

The Best Spacers for Your Ford F150

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your Ford F150, there are many options available. One simple modification you can do is adding spacers. Spacers come in a variety of sizes and materials to provide you with the exact fit and function you need. Here are some of the best Ford F150 spacers you can consider:

1. MotoFab Lifts 2 Inch Front Leveling Lift Kit

If you want to level your vehicle and gain some extra clearance for larger wheels or tires, the MotoFab Lifts 2 Inch Front Leveling Lift Kit is a great option. These spacers are constructed with precision-machined aircraft-grade billet aluminum, making them lightweight and sturdy. They are also easy to install with basic tools, and the brand offers a lifetime warranty.

2. Supreme Suspensions – Full Set 2″ Front + 1.5″ Rear

The Supreme Suspensions set comes with a 2-inch lift for the front wheels and 1.5 inches for the back. These black anodized spacers also feature a corrosion-resistant coating, which prevents rust and extends their lifespan. With a high-quality build and easy setup, they are ideal for those looking to upgrade their F150s for off-road adventures.

3. Rough Country 2″ Wheel Spacer Kit

The Rough Country 2-inch Wheel Spacer Kit is the perfect solution for those seeking more wheel clearance. These spacers are made of solid alloy aluminum and come with pre-installed studs and nuts. They are corrosion-resistant and easy to install, and offer a perfect fit for both older and newer Ford F150 models.

4. ReadyLIFT 69-5055

The ReadyLIFT 69-5055 is another great option for leveling your Ford F150. With a 2.5-inch lift for the front, these spacers provide excellent performance and clearance. They are made of aircraft-grade billet aluminum and designed to be corrosion-resistant. The installation process is straightforward, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

5. Supreme Suspensions – 1.5″ Front + 1.5″ Rear

This lift kit from Supreme Suspensions is an excellent option for those who want to keep their truck close to the ground but still enjoy the benefits of spacers. The set consists of 1.5-inch spacers for both the front and rear wheels, providing a good balance between aesthetics and functionality. They are easy to install, and the brand offers a lifetime warranty.

The Benefits of Using Spacers on Your Ford F150

Adding spacers to your Ford F150 can significantly enhance its performance and appearance. Here are some of the advantages of using spacers:

1. Improved Handling and Stability

By adding spacers to your vehicle’s wheels, you can widen the stance and lower the center of gravity. This modification improves your truck’s handling and stability, especially when cornering or driving in extreme weather conditions.

2. More Clearance for Larger Tires

If you want to upgrade to bigger tires, spacers can provide the necessary clearance without rubbing against the fenders. They can also prevent damage to the wheel well and other suspension components.

3. Better Aesthetics

Spacers can give your Ford F150 a more aggressive and commanding look. They can also improve the stance by pushing the wheels outwards, making your truck appear more substantial and rugged.

4. More off-road Capability

For those who enjoy off-road adventures, spacers can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance on rough terrains. They can help with traction, stability, and ground clearance, giving you the confidence to tackle any obstacle.

How to Choose the Right Spacers for Your Ford F150

Choosing the right spacers for your Ford F150 can be challenging, as there are many options available. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Size

Spacers come in different sizes, ranging from 1.5 inches to 3 inches. The size you choose will depend on your vehicle’s make and model, as well as your desired outcome. Make sure to choose spacers that are compatible with your wheels and tires.

2. Material

Spacers can be made from aluminum, steel, or other materials. Aluminum spacers are lightweight and durable, making them an excellent choice for most applications. Steel spacers are less expensive, but they are also heavier and more prone to rust.

3. Thickness

The thickness of the spacers will determine how much clearance you can achieve. Thicker spacers are suitable for trucks with larger tires, while thinner spacers are ideal for those looking to level their vehicles.

4. Brand

Choosing a reputable brand is crucial to ensure that your spacers are of high quality and will last longer. Make sure to read reviews, ask for recommendations, and purchase from a trusted supplier.


Adding spacers to your Ford F150 is a simple and affordable modification that can significantly improve your truck’s performance, off-road capability, and aesthetics. With the wide range of options available, choosing the right spacers can be confusing. However, by considering the factors outlined above, you can select the best spacers for your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of this upgrade.

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