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Top 5 Best Drying Towels for Your Car


Taking care of your vehicle is important to maintain its quality and extend its lifespan. One of the most crucial elements in vehicle maintenance is proper cleaning, especially after washing. You need a reliable towel to dry off surfaces without damaging them, leading to scratches or water spotting.

Why You Need to Use the Right Drying Towel

If you use a low-quality towel or the wrong type of drying towel, it could be harmful to your car’s exterior. There are different types of towels on the market, such as terry cloth or microfiber cloth. Microfiber towels are the best option because they effectively absorb water, have a soft texture, and do not leave lint or scratches.

Here are the top five best drying towels for your car:

Towel Name Type Size Price
Rag Company Dry Me A River Microfiber 20″ x 40″ $30
The Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber 16″ x 24″ $25
Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Microfiber/Wool Blend 25″ x 36″ $20
Adam’s Polishes Great White Microfiber 28″ x 36″ $20
Zwipes Auto 879 Microfiber 16″ x 24″ $10

The Top Five Best Drying Towels for Your Car

Rag Company Dry Me A River

The Rag Company Dry Me A River is the best drying towel on the market, perfect for both professionals and car owners. The microfiber material has a high capacity for absorbing water from surfaces, leaving no streaks or spots. It measures a whopping 20 inches by 40 inches, making it easy to dry large areas without stopping.

The Guzzler Waffle Weave

Another microfiber towel that makes it to the list of the top five best drying towels for your car is the Guzzler Waffle Weave. This towel is unique because of its waffle weave pattern, which increases its ability to absorb water. Its small size (16 inches by 24 inches) makes it more convenient to use and store.

Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth

If you’re looking for a drying towel with a wool blend, this is the one for you. The Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth combines the benefits of microfiber and wool, giving it improved absorption power. With dimensions of 25 inches by 36 inches, it can absorb water in larger quantities than others on this list.

Adam’s Polishes Great White

Ranked as one of the best drying towels for cars, the Adam’s Polishes Great White towel has made a name for itself in the detailing industry. It is easy to use, does not leave any lint or scratches on surfaces, and costs only $20. The towel is much larger than its competition, with dimensions of 28 inches by 36 inches.

Zwipes Auto 879

Last but not least, the Zwipes Auto 879 microfiber towel is suitable for tight budgets without compromising quality. Although smaller than others (16 inches by 24 inches), it still effectively dries surfaces without leaving any lint.


Having an excellent drying towel is just as important as properly washing your car. The top five drying towels highlighted above have unique features that cater to different preferences and budgets. Ultimately, a reliable towel helps achieve a desired result easily and safely – a clean, dry, and scratch-free finish.

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