best cuts for dark gemstones

Last updated on April 4, 2023 4:27 am

Best Cuts for Dark Gemstones

Gemstones come in different colors, and one of the most alluring shades to have is black or other dark colors. Dark gemstones come in various hues like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. While some people may wonder if dark stones are even worth it, there’s no denying that they just look stunning on any piece of jewelry. But, what’s the best way to cut these dark gemstones? Here, we will explore the answer to that question.

Why cut a dark gemstone?

Cutting dark gems is not about taking away their color, but enhancing it even more. The process of cutting allows maximum light reflection, which makes the color of the stone deeper and more intense. By cutting a darker-color gemstone, you could see unique features such as cat eyes, asterism, and chatoyancy more clearly. These are effects that can add more value to the gemstone. Therefore, cutting a dark gemstone requires precision and careful consideration to bring out its beauty.

Best cuts for dark gemstones

There are several cuts available for dark-colored gemstones, and each has its advantages for enhancing color and quality. Below are some of the recommended cuts for dark-colored gemstones:

Cut Name Description Advantages
Cushion A square or rectangular cut with curvy edges. It enhances the color of large gemstones and makes them appear larger than their actual size.
Tapered Baguette A narrow rectangular-shaped cut. This cut is ideal for accentuating the beauty of other gems placed alongside dark-colored stones. Its elongated form brings out the depth of the stone’s color.
Oval An elliptical shape with pointed ends. The oval cut enhances both the carat weight and the color intensity of the gemstone. It is also more affordable than round cuts, as it produces less waste when cut from raw stone.
Emerald Cut Rectangular with cropped corners, producing stair-step facets in parallel lines down the length of the gem. It highlights the clarity of the gemstone and also gives it a light or ‘window’ effect, making it sparkle even more.
Princess Cut A square-shaped diamond cut style that has sharp corners instead of tapered points. It allows greater color saturation in the center of the stone. The precise cut of this style makes it perfect as a center stone on any piece of jewelry.
Trillion Cut A three-sided pointed shape. It complements darker-colored stones and maximizes their brilliance by forming stunning multiple hues. This cut is ready to be mounted without calibrating additional prongs.


A dark and mysterious gemstone cut into beautiful shapes can add another level of sophistication and elegance to any jewelry item. There are many cuts to choose from, but it’s essential to consider the gemstone’s unique qualities before choosing a cut. By selecting one of the cuts discussed in this article, you will enhance the beauty and value of your dark-colored gemstone significantly. Overall, don’t be afraid to experiment and discover new ways to bring out the best in these beautiful stones.

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