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Last updated on March 29, 2023 10:57 am

The Best Charging Surface for Gemstones: Enhancing their Natural Powers


Crystals and gemstones are believed to have healing abilities that work on restoring balance and harmony in life. To maximize these energies, some people prefer to charge them from time to time. Proper charging can help enhance the natural powers of a gemstone.

Why is it Important to Charge Gemstones?

Gemstones naturally hold different energies due to their unique characteristics. When used or worn for extended periods, they can lose this energy. Hence, it is essential to recharge the stones regularly to keep refreshing their qualities.

Choosing the Right Charging Surface

One of the most popular ways to charge gemstones is by placing them on a charging surface overnight. However, not all surfaces offer the same benefit. Here are some of the best charging surfaces for gemstones:

Charging Surface Description Type of Gemstones it’s Best For
Clear Quartz Cluster This is an excellent charging surface for any gemstone due to its ability to amplify energy and cleanse any blockages. All types of gemstones
Selenite Charging Plate Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that can recharge other stones while also removing negative energy build-up. Any type of gemstone, especially those with stress-relieving properties (e.g., amethyst, rose quartz)
Carnelian Charging Plate This charging plate is suitable for grounding and energizing gemstones, particularly those with healing properties. Gemstones for grounding and stabilizing energy (e.g., black tourmaline, hematite)
Hematite Disc As an iron-based mineral, a Hematite disc can help recharge gemstones that respond well to magnetic energies. Gemstones with magnetic properties (e.g., magnetite, lodestone)

The Bottom Line

Gemstones have been used for centuries for their potential wellness benefits. By using the right charging surface, you can keep them energized and maximize their healing properties when you wear or use them. Choose from one of the above surfaces and enjoy the natural benefits of gemstones every day.

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