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as of March 26, 2023 2:01 pm
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The Best Cake Cutters for Perfect Slices Every Time

Nothing beats the feeling of slicing through a perfectly baked cake, creating clean and beautiful pieces to enjoy. However, achieving that perfect slice can be challenging without the right tools. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best cake cutters on the market, to make your cake-cutting experience a breeze!

1. Cake Knife

Probably the most common cake cutter, a cake knife is an essential tool for any baker. With a long, serrated blade, it will cut through the softest and most delicate of cakes with ease, ensuring that each slice is perfect. When searching for a cake knife, look for one with a comfortable handle to prevent any hand cramping, and a sharp blade that won’t tear your cake apart.

2. Cake Slicer

Similar to a cake knife, a cake slicer has a long, thin blade that allows it to cut through cakes with ease. The blade is often straight, rather than serrated, allowing for cleaner, smoother cuts. Some cake slicers even come with adjustable guides that help you to create even slices every time.

3. Cake Leveler

If you’re looking for beautifully even cake layers, a cake leveler should be your go-to tool. This gadget consists of a serrated knife attached to an adjustable wire, allowing you to cut off the tops of cakes to create a level surface. This is particularly useful if you plan to layer your cakes, ensuring that each layer is the same thickness.

4. Angled Cake Spatula

An angled cake spatula is an essential tool for those perfect finishing touches. It allows you to spread frosting and ganache evenly across your cake’s surface, creating a smooth and professional finish. The angled shape also makes it easy to access hard-to-reach areas, making your cake decorating a breeze.

5. Cake Server

Last but not least, a cake server is an essential tool for when it comes to serving up your delicious slice of cake. A cake server has a wide, flat blade that can slide under the cake, lifting it without damaging it. Plus, with its ergonomic handle, you’ll be able to serve up those cake slices with ease.


With the right tools, cutting and serving cake can be a breeze. Whether you’re a professional baker or a passionate home baker, investing in the best cake cutters will ensure that your cake always looks great and tastes amazing! So grab yourself a cake knife, cake slicer, cake leveler, angled cake spatula and cake server, and get ready to create the most beautiful and delicious cakes you’ve ever made!

Cake Cutter Feature Price
Cake Knife Long serrated blade $10-$20
Cake Slicer Straight blade, adjustable guide $15-$30
Cake Leveler Serrated knife with adjustable wire $20-$40
Angled Cake Spatula Angled shape for easy access, ergonomic handle $5-$15
Cake Server Wide, flat blade, ergonomic handle $5-$10

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