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Bondo Alternatives: Top Options to Consider


Car owners and repair experts rely on Bondo to mend and patch vehicle bodywork. However, the product is not everyone’s favorite due to the harsh chemicals it contains. Fortunately, several Bondo alternatives are available that deliver similar results without the negative effects associated with the traditional alternative.

Bondo’s Negative Effects

Bondo is a popular choice for many due to its ability to mend vehicles with great strength and durability. Despite its usefulness, Bondo can have harsh effects on users’ hands and the environment. When sanding and managing Bondo, a considerable amount of dust is produced, which can be dangerous to inhale.

Best Bondo Alternatives

If you are searching for a durable and safer alternative to Bondo, we have compiled some of the best options below:

1. Fiberglass Filler

Fiberglass Filler is an excellent substitution for bondo. Not only is it easy to use, but it also dries quickly, making it an ideal choice when fixing minor car damage. Furthermore, it contains fiberglass strands that provide more added strength to the repair.

2. Metal Reinforced Filler

Another alternative to Bondo is a Metal Reinforced Filler. This product is made from aluminum adhesives and contains metal particles that add strength to the repair. Because of this, it is the best option to use when repairing larger vehicle damages, such as rust or perforations.

3. Glazing and Spot Putty

Glazing and Spot Putty is perfect for vehicle owners looking to restore smaller car dents and scratches. It works well when fixing minor surface imperfection, and is usually applied after bodywork or filler has been used. The product contains quick-drying agents, making it easy to handle and work with.

4. Plastic Body Filler

Plastic Body Filler provides an outstanding and cost-effective alternative to Bondo. It contains calcium carbonate, which makes it easy to spread on surfaces. This filler is also known for its high resistance to cracking, shrinking, and shrinking, making it ideal for use in extreme weather conditions.

Bondo Alternatives Comparison Table

Bondo Alternatives Features Application Usage Price
Fiberglass Filler Dries quickly and easy to use. Contains fiberglass strands that provide strength to the repair. Minor car damage repair Small dents, tears, and holes $$
Metal Reinforced Filler Aluminum adhesive mix with metal particles that provide extra strength to the repair. Larger car damage repair such as rust, holes, and perforations Large dents, tears, and holes $$$
Glazing and Spot Putty Quick-drying agent, easy to handle and work with, restore smaller car dents and scratches. Smaller surface imperfection Minor dents and scratches $
Plastic Body Filler Contains calcium carbonate, easy to spread on surfaces, high resistance to cracking and shrinking. Extreme weather conditions Small dents, tears, and holes $


The Bondo alternatives listed above are cost-effective and readily available in most automotive repair stores. Whether you only need to fix minor vehicle dents or larger car damage, you can rest assured that these alternatives offer the same strength, resilience, and endurance as Bondo.

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