Best Bluetooth Cd Players For Cars

Last updated on April 24, 2023 3:59 pm

Top Bluetooth CD Players for Cars

CD players are a must-have for many car owners as CDs are still a popular music format. Adding Bluetooth capabilities to a CD player can add even more convenience and functionality. Here are the best Bluetooth CD players for cars:

Sony WX920BT

The Sony WX920BT offers high-quality Bluetooth audio streaming in addition to CD playback. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and Siri Eyes Free functionality for iPhone users. Additionally, it has a customizable 10-band equalizer for personalized audio tuning.

Kenwood KDC-BT958HD

The Kenwood KDC-BT958HD is a versatile CD player that includes Bluetooth audio streaming, as well as HD Radio, SiriusXM compatibility, and Spotify control. It also has a 13-band equalizer, a display with variable color illumination, and a remote control.

Pioneer DEH-S5100BT

The Pioneer DEH-S5100BT features Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free calling, and Siri Eyes Free support. It also includes MIXTRAX technology which creates a non-stop mix of music from a connected device. Its display can also display album artwork and supports custom illumination colors.

Alpine CDE-HD149BT

The Alpine CDE-HD149BT offers high-definition Bluetooth audio streaming, as well as compatibility with Pandora, SiriusXM, and iPhone and Android phones. It also has a 9-band parametric equalizer, a built-in amplifier, and a remote control.


The JVC KD-X360BTS is a budget-friendly CD player with Bluetooth audio streaming and built-in Amazon Alexa support. It also includes USB and AUX inputs for additional audio sources and a 13-band equalizer for custom audio tuning.

Brand/Model Bluetooth Audio Streaming HD Radio SiriusXM Compatibility Siri Eyes Free Equalizer
Sony WX920BT Yes No No Yes 10-band custom
Kenwood KDC-BT958HD Yes Yes Yes No 13-band custom
Pioneer DEH-S5100BT Yes No No Yes Customizable MIXTRAX technology
Alpine CDE-HD149BT Yes No Yes No 9-band parametric
JVC KD-X360BTS Yes No No No (built-in Amazon Alexa support) 13-band custom


Bluetooth CD players for cars are a great way to enhance your driving experience while still being able to enjoy your favorite music on CD. For the best options, consider the Sony WX920BT, Kenwood KDC-BT958HD, Pioneer DEH-S5100BT, Alpine CDE-HD149BT, and JVC KD-X360BTS. Each of these models offers high-quality Bluetooth audio streaming along with other features such as hands-free calling, equalizer customization, and compatibility with various audio sources. Choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences and you won’t regret it.

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